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Styles of Kitchen Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 21st September, 2011

When choosing your kitchen, designers will always suggest that you let the overall architecture of your home guide and inform your decision. This will ensure that your new room is in keeping, delivering a complimentary and pleasing home aesthetic. Likewise, we offer the same advice with our styles of kitchen stools. Furniture is an accessory that you buy after designing the room, and therefore before making your purchase we advise that you consider the sort of style you’re going for.

"Normally we choose stools to match the style of the kitchen, selecting seating that will enhance the existing décor for a harmonious look. However it could be that you’re after statement pieces that stand out and act as an eye-catching focal point. These can bring a room to life as well as subtler options."
Kitchen Breakfast Bar Design


You should also consider the purpose and use of the stool, as this will inevitably influence the materials used. For example, will it be sat on over quick cups or coffee or as a handy perch while preparing the dinner? Or are you likely to use them for lengthier tasks, such as eating meals, completing homework and watching the TV? Likewise, if you’re conscious of space and are after a discreet model that can be neatly tucked away under the worktop for compact storage, you will need to pursue a completely different style of stool to someone seeking a grander and more luxurious seat where comfort takes priority. Certain materials, whilst creating a desired look, may not be suited for your day-to-day practicalities.


Grey Tolix Stools at Kitchen Island

Variety of Styles Available

Our fabulous range of kitchen stools come in a whole host of different styles that will create a vast array of fashionable looks. Here we will outline a few of the main options on offer:

Traditional & Classic

Elegant and timeless, traditional kitchen stools are formal in style and infuse a sense of occasion wherever they’re placed. Combining conventional materials with enduring designs, four-legged wooden models are a firm favourite with many of our customers. Solid oak or walnut finishes have continuous appeal, completed by cushioned seat pads in tasteful, neutral shades of leather or fabric. A classic example is the Knightsbridge, a graceful yet grand design with signature age-old charm.

Country & Rustic

Whilst similar to their classic counterparts, country kitchen stools are less formal and fussy, instead characterised by their simple, subtle and modest designs. Utilising natural textures, organic materials and earthy colours, these handcrafted four-legged models come in a variety of wooden grains and are a steadfast staple for that farmhouse chic. Exuding a rustic warmth, products such as the Tetbury are homely and familiar for that relaxed pastoral vibe.


Oslo Stools in Rustic Country Kitchen

Oslo Oak Bar Stool

Modern & Contemporary

Delivering a technical prowess like never before, modern kitchen stools utilise state-of-the-art materials and the latest technology. Mirrored chrome, brushed steel, ABS plastic and translucent acrylic are typical choices, made popular by their sleek finishes and chic futuristic feel. With trademark clean-cut lines, bold colours and minimalist shapes, designs introduce the use of single column, z-shape and cantilever frames for striking visual effect. As seen in the Brushed Crescent, contemporary stools offer the latest features such as gas lift mechanisms and 360 degree swivel for optimum mobility.

Funky & Retro

Fusing past with present, our retro stools are full of character. For the warm glow of nostalgia, the American Diner harks back to the American roadside diners of the 1950s through the use of faux leather and polished mirrored chrome. Utilising bolder colours and more daring shapes, many of our funky kitchen stools are inspired by the psychedelic trends of the 1960s. Typically sculpted from brightly coloured ABS plastic and acrylic, a prime example is the Coco.

For a cool, nostalgic touch, check out three stylish retro bar stools below:

Vintage & Industrial

For those looking for something a little different, our vintage industrial collection has been lovingly designed to replicate classic factory, warehouse-style and vintage designs. Packed full of fabulous statement pieces, the collection has something for everyone. For a soft, vintage look that’s suited to any interior style, chic fixed-height designs like the Bloc Stool Light Wood are a fabulous choice. Alternatively, authentically styled ‘repurposed’ pieces like the Vintage Swivel Stool make striking accent pieces for domestic or commercial spaces. To explore the whole collection, take a look at our Industrial Bar Stools.

Of course, this is by no means exhaustive and our products are not limited to these four main categories. There are many stylish subcategories including antique, arts & crafts, Tuscan, luxury and Scandinavian… to name a few. You may like to mix and match between them, creating a style of your own tailored to the decor of your kitchen and your individual needs. Many of our designs fit multiple categories, so why not browse our full range of bar stools to find the perfect match for you.


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