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Modern Kitchen Stools

By Clemency Hitchings, 23rd August, 2012

Crafted at the perfect height for use at worktops and islands, contemporary kitchen stools are designed with modern living in mind. Taking into account the need for optimum functionality alongside high-end style, they combine the latest materials with fashionable styling, making a wealth of stunning new designs possible. The conventional kitchen has evolved considerably over the last decade, with compact bar seating increasingly replacing traditional dining furniture due to their slender structure. With a broad range of sleek models on offer, there’s no doubt these stools are emerging as an essential part of the contemporary home.

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Following the Fashion

Designed in line with the latest interior trends, our fabulous collection embraces the most up-to-date materials being used in kitchen design. A current fashion that’s undeniably popular is Scandinavian style, renowned for its impressive practicality whilst retaining a chic but simple look. Employing clean-cut lines and minimalist shapes, Scandi stools combine rustic oak legs with a slick ABS seat, and are typically light and airy for a spacious aesthetic. Transitional in style, this much admired trend revitalises conventional models, giving them a modern twist and fresh look.


Drift Oak & White Bar Stools In Kitchen

Drift Oak Bar Stool


Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, kitchen cabinets and islands are now available in a range of striking wood grains - from oak to walnut - with unmistakably eye-catching seating crafted to match.

Recognised by their sleek finish, metallic frame stools are a staple in many contemporary interiors. Brushed steel is widely used in numerous modern appliances, and thus kitchen seating is now being made from the same material for a uniform, harmonious look. With an elegant matte finish, designs like the Lexi deliver a sophisticated touch that’s exceedingly popular.

Before brushed steel came mirrored chrome, its glossy reflective surface creating the illusion of more space. Brought to the forefront with the revival of the retro American diner, its been given a thoroughly modern makeover and can be found in homes worldwide.


Cordelia Zebra Stools at Breakfast Bar


High gloss ABS is a futuristic trend that comes in a myriad of vibrant colours. Though shades of black, brown and cream were once sought after to match well-liked neutral decor, nowadays interior design is increasingly incorporating bolder, popcolours and thus stools in vivid purple, zesty orange and dazzling pink have soared in popularity. Bright ABS seating works brilliantly as stunning statement pieces in plain white or black kitchens, often matched to bright utensils and appliances such as the toaster or even a kettle.

With an utterly unique appearance, acrylic is another state-of-the-art material that cuts a fashionable finish. With chic transparent or translucent seats, these are great if you have a small kitchen and are looking for minimalist models. Whilst clear seats are visually space saving, coloured designs cast beautiful shadows when the sun streams through them.


Black Bar Stools in Black Kitchen

Gloss Coco Bar Stool Black

Design & Function

Not only are they sumptuously stylish, but modern kitchen stools deliver optimum functionality thanks to advancements in design technology. Evolving to meet the demands of the contemporary home alongside the current needs of customers, they’re incorporating newer and increasingly user-friendly features. No longer are they simply used for short-term use, but they’re habitually being sat on for longer periods and for a broader scope of activities in addition to eating.

Gas lift mechanisms offer adjustable height on the majority of our single column products. These are ideal if you have users of differing height sat around the bar area, as you can tailor the height of the stools each person’s need. Furthermore it makes them handily compact, as they can be lowered and stored beneath the counter overhang when not in use.

Nevertheless there’s been a revival of four-legged kitchen stools such as the Capone, with the rebirth of traditional and rustic kitchen trends. Yet many of these fixed height designs supply a modern twist with the addition of swivel plates allowing rotation, delivering ease of use and optimum accessibility. Distinctive z-shape or cantilever frames also break away from conventional structures, as seen in products such as the Zizi, which are sure to catch the eye with their state-of-the-art shape.

Spoilt for choice? Here are some great bestselling examples:

Why not browse our expansive range of kitchen stools below to the find the ideal model for you and your home.


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