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Minimalist Bar Stools

By Philippa Baker, 4th December, 2012

With all the hustle and bustle of the modern age, it’s nice sometimes to strip things down to the bare essentials. Offering an excellent way of taking things back to basics without compromising on style, minimalist bar stools use little fuss to make a lasting impression. Whether chosen to enhance a minimalist home or used to create contrast, they smartly testify to the importance of the understatement and elegantly demonstrate the appeal of simplicity.

Coco Bar Stools White in Monochrome Kitchen

Coco Bar Stool White

What is Minimalist Style?

Utilising pared-down design, minimalism reduces a room to its essential elements. With an emphasis on simplicity, common mottos of the movement include “less is more” and “quality over quantity”. Drawing on Japanese design influences, it focuses on purity of design and seeks to create balance and order in a room. Think open plan spaces, lots of natural light, subdued colours, hidden storage, clear surfaces and empty walls.

We have a habit of maximising on décor to give our homes character and that lived-in, homely look. But in accumulating so many possessions, many houses sit cluttered full of knick-knacks that only create a crowded and disorganised look. What’s more, recent research has proven that doing so can have a negative effect our mental health, clutter and mess often leading to anxiety and stress.

Conversely, stripped-back interiors are proven to create a more peaceful and relaxing environment. The kitchen can be a magnet for clutter, so if you’re looking to minimalise on mess then it helps to keep your furniture looking as simple as possible. Resembling a clean, crisp canvas, minimalist homes with carefully chosen seating make a sophisticated mission statement without appearing ostentatious. Capturing the true essence of modern living, they’re clean and organised without being cold and clinical.

Materials & Colours Used to Create the Minimalist Look

Cool and compact, bar stools are the ideal accompaniment to the modern home - as well as a wide variety of commercial locations - when chosen wisely. Our collection of minimalist stools are perfect for creating a simple and stripped-back look.

First of all, materials with hard, smooth, sleek finishes are preferred. Transparent acrylic is the obvious choice for its see-through and glass-like appearance. A great space-saving material, it occupies minimal visual space and is hence ideal for small or crowded rooms. Beautiful backless models like the Shimmer Translucent Stool Clear are the perfect choice. Even designs like the Stardust with a backrest sculpted from clear acrylic are great, providing extra support whilst maintaining that barely-there look.


Shimmer Clear Bar Stool In Modern Kitchen

Shimmer Bar Stool Clear


Brushed steel is another smart minimalist choice due to its muted elegance. A unique finish achieved by brushing stainless steel to create a smooth matte effect, it proves a more subtle choice than glossy polished chrome, whilst still making a stylish statement. Great for matching with other brushed steel kitchen appliances, from the oven to the kettle, models like the Oracle will blend in beautifully to create a modest complementary aesthetic.

Whilst upholstery is fine, steer clear of patterned fabrics or detailed leather inlaid with decorative studs or elaborate stitching. If you’re after padding for comfort, keep things simple with a plain faux leather seat like the Vision. Avoid anything that will distract the eye such as a large backrest, opting for low or mid height instead.

White is the colour of choice in minimalist interiors, creating a light, airy and spacious feel. Our trendy collection of white bar stools are ideal, a great example being the Ace thanks to its modest seat and simple yet elegant frame. Neutral off-whites are also heavily utilised to create clean, light spaces.


"Other brighter colours should be used sparingly; for example, stick to one bold feature shade instead of many, and only use it on accent pieces scattered throughout a room. For example, yellow stools could be matched to a yellow vase or kettle, all set against plain white walls and cabinets."
Minimalist White Stools in Kitchen


Our neutral bar stools are also great for this trend. Introducing balance and gravity to a space, they lend character without seeming overwhelming.

What Other Advantages do Minimalist Stools Possess?

A great feature of minimalist bar stools is their effortless versatility. Their subtle look means they don’t detract from the focal point of the room, but blend nicely into the background. Whilst serving their purpose as stylish seating, they can be dressed up or down according to the occasion – be it a casual breakfast or chic cocktail party. Not only can they be used to enhance a room with a strong minimalist theme, but they’re ideal for simplifying crowded rooms where space is limited.

Check out three popular minimalist models below:

Or why not browse our entire range of bar stools to find the perfect design for you.


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