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Transparent Bar Stools

By Philippa Baker, 9th October, 2012

Immensely popular, transparent bar stools are crafted from Acrylic and boast numerous advantages. A durable clear plastic originally known as poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA), it’s a relatively modern material also branded as Plexiglas or Lucite. Created as a robust alternative to glass due to its shatterproof qualities, it’s now used for a wealth of transparent products, from aquariums to the lenses in glasses. Though not initially intended for the aesthetics of interior design, it's since taken the furniture world by storm, allowing for a wealth of striking seating that breaks from tradition.

Clear Shimmer Stools at Grey Kitchen Island

Shimmer Translucent Stool Clear

Creating a Modern Style

Fresh and funky, these much sought after stools are characterised by their clear glossy sheen. Typically set on a metallic frame finished in either mirrored chrome or brushed steel, their contemporary chic exudes a cool crisp ambience that's very in trend. With a signature space-age shine, LED lights bounce off the seats creating a jazzy disco feel that's sure to catch the eye.

Marvellously minimalist, their transparent nature means they take up very little visual space. Subtle yet stylish, designs like the Crystal are a discreet way of adding seating. Understated and unobtrusive, they’re ideal for small, compact interiors where space is limited. Illuminating their surroundings without overcrowding them, their light and airy look creates a clutter-free aesthetic.


"Utterly enchanting, clear seats are endlessly adaptable. Their versatility means they can be used with a wealth of décor styles and colour schemes, so it won’t matter if you redecorate. Their see-through quality means you look straight through them, and hence they’ll never compete with their surroundings."
Transparent Bar Stool Plate


For something a little different, our acrylic bar stools are also available with a translucent smoked appearance. Exhibiting a sophisticated dusky tint, designs like the Shimmer exude an understated elegance that's just as inviting.

Or for a bold and bright aesthetic, we also offer acrylic models in a spectrum of vivid translucent colours. Fun and funky, these vibrant designs are full of character. What’s more, whilst transparent stools have a clear seat edge, coloured stools are edged with a matching but slightly darker colour.


Smoked Shimmer Stools in Modern Kitchen

Shimmer Translucent Stool Smoked


Allowing for Premium Practicality

Designed for its hardwearing nature, acrylic is often heavier than you expect it to be; yet this no bad thing, At 10mm thick, its signature strength produces remarkably robust bar stools that are built to last. Fabulously low maintenance, its smooth wipe clean surface is quick and easy to clean. Ideal for environments where food and drink is prevalent, they can be used in home kitchens and breakfast bars along with commercial eateries and nightclubs.

Instantly recognisable, transparent acrylic can be moulded into a spectrum of dynamic shapes. Whilst aesthetically it produces a range of fashionably formed seats, it also has practical benefits. Despite their solid plastic surface, many are ergonomically sculpted to the natural shape of the human body for comfortable support. They also come in a variety of backrest heights - low lip like the Crystal, mid height like the Stardust, and high like the Odyssey – so there’s something for everyone.

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that these unique designs connect to the top of the central column of the stool in a slightly different way to other seats of different materials. A plate on top of the metallic gas lift column has four bolts that screw securely through the seat, ensuring you don’t see the mechanism inside, as well as producing a strong and sturdy bar stool.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you prefer transparent, smoked or coloured alternatives, browse our impressive range of acrylic bar stools to find the perfect design for you.


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