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Ideal for domestic and commercial settings alike, there’s a model for everyone in our stylish range of dining tables. The focal point of any room, it’s important to choose a model that matches its surroundings, and one that’s suitable for heavy usage. From homework to catching up with friends, the dining table is more than just a place to eat, which is why it’s so important that you make the right choice. We’ve created this handy buying guide with all the factors you should consider, allowing you to make a better-informed decision.

Signature Style

Your chosen style of dining table will have significant influence on the overall feel of its surrounding environment. For a harmonious interior, we recommend you select one consistent with the overall style and furnishing of your room as a whole. Often found in the kitchen, casual dining tables exhibit simple designs for an informal and relaxed aesthetic. Conversely, formal models generally found in the dining room, are grander in appearance and bigger in size to allow for extra guests on special occasions. For something fresh and fashionable, modern designs exhibit clean lines, sleek surfaces and funky shapes. In contrast, traditional dining tables make use of natural materials, stately heavier designs and conventional shapes. Somewhere in the middle, transitional style models consist of a fusion of materials for delightfully dynamic effect.

White and Wood Chairs at White Dining Table
Size & Shape

The size of your room, along with the number of people you’re looking to cater for, are key attributes that should guide your purchase. If catering for more than four people and you have generous space available, then a longer or larger table is recommended to prevent cramped dining. You should also consider its shape, and whether you want to match or contrast your table with your décor style and other furniture. Conventional square or rectangular designs deliver a timeless and traditional appearance that has stood the test of time. A smart option for the space-conscious, they can be placed against the wall in compact spaces or when not in use. Alternatively, the smooth curves of round dining tables provide a softer aesthetic that’s welcoming and inviting. Fabulously versatile, they can seat two or three without looking off balance, or simply pull up extra chairs for larger parties. Plus with the absence of corners, circular tops reduce the risk of clothing catching on the edges for an all-round safer choice.

Large Dining Table with Six Grey Chairs
Table Top Material

Used for a multitude of different activities, your dining table will no doubt be subject to heavy usage and thus you should select a design that will withstand its intended purpose. Whilst looks are important and you should choose a table that fits with your chairs and overall décor, it’s just as crucial that you consider what you need it for. Subject to crumbs and spillages from the prevalence of food and drink, waterproof, stain resistant, easy clean surfaces are recommended. A great example is glass, tempered for strength and effortlessly wipe clean. With a transparent surface that’s visually space saving, it can fit with any décor or colour scheme should you decide to redecorate. Another hardwearing material is wood, popular due to its robust nature and classic aesthetic.

Black High Gloss Dining Table with White Chairs
Frame Type & Finish

Matching the frame finish of your table with that of your dining chairs and other furniture is a simple and elegant way of creating tone and consistency. Both metal and wood come with a variety of surface finishes, and a balanced pairing will create a harmonious and visually pleasing dining area. A hand-worked brushed steel frame will compliment brushed kitchen appliances, whilst mirrored chrome offers glossy alternative. For something less industrial, satin painted finish legs exhibit a soft matte sheen whilst wood is a great choice for matching to everything from kitchen cabinets to seating. Deep shades of walnut will work best in bigger rooms due to its grand aesthetic, whilst solid oak designs boast an organic beauty that’s nicely natural. Yet it’s not all looks based - it’s just crucial to select a frame with functionality in mind too. A strong and sturdy design will be a good long-term investment.

Chrome Frame Dining Table With White Dining Chairs

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