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Dining Table Materials

By Clemency Hitchings, 15th April, 2012

With advances in technology and a wider market of dining table materials available, designers and manufacturers have been having a field day. With the arrival of a modern, minimalistic approach to décor, classic dining rooms and traditional sets are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays many interior trends are steering clear of grand ornate styles, instead adopting a more contemporary approach to mealtimes. Embracing the latest textures and looks, there are now a number of striking different styles of dining tables on offer.

White Table in Contemporary Dining Room

Chrome & Brushed Steel Dining Tables

Metals like mirrored chrome and brushed steel are sleek additions to the dining space, delivering a simple, clean cut appearance that complements Nuevo design. Metallic tabletops stylishly match many new kitchen appliances and furniture, providing any room with a glamorous, upmarket chic.


Brushed Steel Dining Table with Chairs

Glass Dining Tables

Glass cabinets and surfaces add an air of sophistication and luxury to the modern living area, and thus many customers are now opting for a slick polished glass surface for their tabletop. All our glass tops are toughened by a rigorous process, which starts with heating annealed glass to a high temperature of 650 degrees until it starts to soften. Its outer surfaces are then cooled extremely quickly, creating a high compression in them. With an increased strength of up to five times, this makes it an incredibly durable tabletop surface. This toughening process also imparts a safety characteristic, as fully tempered glass, if broken, does not shard or shatter but fragments into relatively harmless pieces.

In a variety of shapes and sizes, glass models can have either a matte or highly polished finish, with bevelled or smooth edges.

Take a look at our stylish range of glass dining tables below:

Wooden Dining Tables

Alternatively, we sell a number of tables with wooden surfaces. Restoring a sense of rustic warmth and traditional character to contemporary homes, our wooden dining tables produce a versatile look that complements a host of surroundings. Available in several stylish finishes, you can choose from light oak for a spacious aesthetic or dark walnut for more of a statement. Crafted from natural materials, our wooden items exude timeless appeal that’s always in fashion. What's more, most of these items comprise a lacquered veneer, making them less susceptible to staining or superficial damage.


Wooden Dining Table in Open Plan Home

Marble Dining Tables

Finally, our Modena Granite Table is characterised by its natural stone top. This stunning design is offered in Carrara marble and Zimbabwe granite, and offers a stunning alternative to standard models. Delivering substance and stability, the Modena is a worthwhile investment for those who aspire to dine in style.


Polishing Marble


Regardless of what you're looking for, we aim to aid you in creating your ideal dining space. Take the time to explore our full range of dining tables, using the button below, and see what we can do for you.


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