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Stylish and substantial, our dining sets combine all your dining needs in one chic package, taking the challenge of finding compatible furniture our of your hands and straight into your shopping basket. When choosing from our range, it’s important to consider factors like size, colour and finish. We’ve put together this handy buying guide, exploring each of the attributes you should consider before purchasing a set with us.

Dining Set Height

The height of your set is the first factor to consider. Each set includes a table along with the appropriate number of chairs, with both types of products having been designed to complement the others' functionality. Height corresponds to comfort, therefore each of the sets are designed so that the height of the chair allows maximum comfort whilst seated beneath the table itself. In addition, they have been manufactured in line with our belief that a gap of approximately 30cm between the underside of the table and the surface of the seat ensures sufficient space to move freely. A universally accessible height is important in order to ensure that people of all ages can make the most of this facility, and it suits its required location.

Diagram Demonstrating the Correct Height for a Dining Table and Chairs
Dining Set Size

The dining set size varies within our range – sometimes within one product. Extendable dining tables are ideal for those who cater for fluctuating numbers of guests, making them a wise choice. In a smaller space, our extendable dining sets can prove valuable as they can be adjusted to their altogether more compact form where necessary. Whether you opt for a table with a butterfly leaf mechanism or a design which can be folded in on itself, rest assured that our range has been created with these sorts of considerations in mind. Alternatively, popular fixed dining sets will retain their width constantly, and are ideal for those who regularly cater for a set number of people, or simply value the overall security of a comprehensive design.

White Dining Set in Modern Open Plan Living Room
Dining Set Location

The dining set you select will be partially determined by the location you wish to use it within. In a small or minimally furnished space, try one of our 2-chair dining sets. Stowaway sets are a smart idea for the space-conscious, owing to their transformable nature, which invites you to fold the chairs into the table’s frame when not in use. These sets are ideal for small locations or kitchens that incorporate a compact dining area among the pots and pans. Naturally, extendable sets are a fit for places where the quantity of dinner guests is altogether more variable.

White Dining Chairs at Black Chrome Dining Table
Style of Dining Set

The style of dining set you opt for is key. While some are drawn to a look that’s consistent with their décor, others value the opportunity to create a powerful contrast. Wooden dining sets are a natural match for rustic décor, where their organic charms can fully flower. Our solid wood designs possess a versatility that will help them to thrive, even if you decide to renovate. These sets are fixed for a classic aesthetic that recalls a number of different periods from history. High gloss ABS represents a popular alternative option that can be as modern or as retro as you like. Furthermore, the frame finish plays a strong role in creating a design’s signature style. From glassy chrome and glamorous brushed steel to the aforementioned wood, each finish is highly instrumental in creating a design’s trademark look. After all, while for some, the dining set is the centrepiece of the entire home; for others, it is a practical and understated component that blends in with the overall backdrop. Bear this in mind when choosing and ask yourself - are you aiming for subtlety or show stopping glamour?

White Eames Dining Chairs in Bright White Home

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