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Styles of Dining Tables

By Adrian Higgins, 6th April, 2010

The kitchen and dining room serves as the hub of the home, with tables creating a focal point that brings people together through good food and good company. More than just a place to eat, they function as a place to celebrate special occasions, accommodate family, and welcome old and new friends alike. The style of dining table you choose will undoubtedly influence the mood of the space, and therefore you should choose one that will match your overall décor and compliment your interiors.

"A simpler modest model can exude a casual and relaxed vibe, whereas opulent or traditional designs project a more formal tone. With a wealth of fabulous styles, shapes and materials available, this helpful essay will help unpack the options available to you, so read on to find your dream dining table design."
Friends Socialising at Dining Table

Modern & Contemporary

Thanks to advancements in modern technology we’re able to introduce a host of stylish new materials, manufactured using the latest techniques. Designs are characterised by minimalist, clean-cut lines with sparkling simplicity and minimal fuss. With a futuristic glossy finish, chrome frames are renowned for their reflective surface that mirrors its surroundings. Ideal if you’re after a spacious aesthetic, pairing a metal frame with a sleek glass table-top is a visually space-saving choice.

Additionally, modern designs allow for a range of different frame shapes. Whilst some are crafted from a central column, which is a smart minimalist option if you’re after a compact and uncluttered appearance, chrome can also be sculpted into striking curves for a chic silhouette. Many also possess a newer take on the traditional four legs, as seen with the Quest 100cm Dining Table Concrete.

There’s no doubt contemporary styling has introduced a range of innovative shapes that offer enhanced practicality. Small circular and square dining tables are ideal for kitchens with limited space. The compact nature of square designs makes them perfect for two for people, nestled in a corner or against a wall. Circular models like the Helsinki are great if unexpected guests turn up, as their versatile shape makes them more accommodating with the number of people you can squeeze around them. Their softer round shape also projects a more casual and welcoming feel.

Check out three of our favourite contemporary designs below:

Traditional & Classic

Classic designs employ traditional materials, such as wood, that have stood the test of time. If you’re after a timeless appeal, conventional four-legged structures that have been passed down the generations are a firm favourite. Yet whilst characteristically formal in appearance, they can still offer variation. Choose a darker shade of wood like walnut if you’re seeking a rich and ornate look, or opt for a lighter shade of oak for a spacious, airier feel.

Typically with straight edges, being rectangular or square in shape, they are brilliant for accommodating a large family or for filling a bigger dining room. Extendable designs which can be lengthened to accommodate larger parties have been popular for decades, illustrating how classic models - whilst conventional in values - can still be versatile and tailored to your needs.


Traditional Wooden Dining Table Leather Chairs

Country & Rustic

Similar in style to traditional models, rustic dining tables utilise natural materials and timeless shapes for a homely feel. Favouring light grains like oak that deliver an authentic charm, farmhouse chic imparts a pastoral ambience plucked straight from a country cottage. If you’re after a handcrafted look, choose designs where you can see the grain for that trademark organic warmth.


Marrying old and new, transitional dining tables deliver the best of both worlds. Simultaneously complimenting classic and contemporary interiors, they exude versatility and are great if you can’t make up your mind between the two. Combining traditional fibres like wood with modern materials like chrome or matte plastic resin, they create visually striking yet pleasingly practical models that are soaring in popularity. Many possess chamfered corners, bentwood or tapering for a contemporary feel and attractive feature.


Transitional Wooden Dining Table


Whatever décor style you’re going for, you’re bound to find an ideal match in our vast array of dining tables, excelling in both form and function.


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