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Eames Kitchen & Dining Chairs

By Adrian Higgins, 3rd August, 2012

Based on the pioneering work by American designers Charles and Ray Eames, these iconic designs are characterised by their timeless style and highly practical construction. Give your kitchen or restaurant a vibrant lift with our fabulous range of Eames dining chairs. Offering stability and sophistication is one tidy package, these ubiquitous beauties are widespread across popular culture and can be found everywhere from New York’s Museum of Modern Art to kitchens around the world.

Archetypal Design

It comes as no surprise that Charles and Ray were a married couple, the warmth of their partnership gently permeating their work. A timeless emblem of comfort and community, the Eames welcoming seat and supportive frame elegantly evokes the glow of companionship. Driven by their passion for well-made furniture, their prototypes did not merely pre-empt a trend but set a benchmark for creatives everywhere. Reinventing the traditional dining chair, their vision for state-of-the-art stylish seating is evident in the ground-breaking contribution they made to the furniture world.

Though they launched their range of revolutionary furniture back in the 1940s, there has been a recent revival of their classic style that has transported them back to the forefront of interior design. Skyrocketing in popularity, their iconic designs are now steadfast staple with retailers worldwide, and it’s no surprise that they can be found in homes and commercial settings alike across the globe.


"Retro and modern rolled in to one, Eames dining chairs are ideal for adding an exclusive, designer touch to your kitchen or dining area. Offering an eye-catching alternative to traditional furniture designs, our fabulous range invites you dine in style- all for a fraction of the price."
White Metal Eames Chair in White Kitchen

Frame Types

When purchasing from our range, you will be presented with the choice between DSW and DSR frames. Crafted from beautiful beechwood, the former is easily memorable due to the W for wood in its name. A highly durable grain, it provides a strong and stable base that characterises the brand. In contrast, DSR chairs like the Eames DSR are composed of chrome metalwork for an ultra modern and elegant sheen. Sporting protective plugs to help minimise damage to floors they deliver increased adaptability through a ball-and-socket design. Adjusting themselves to any surface they’re placed on, they’re perfect if you’re contending with uneven or slightly asymmetrical floors.

They exhibit the signature web of interconnecting metal that makes the chairs so recognisable. A decorative and eye-catching addition, the webbing brings the framework together, enhancing the stability of the structure.


Eames Chair Frames DSW vs DSR

Seat Materials Used

The classic contoured shape of the seat is made possible by the use of highly versatile ABS plastic and satin resin. Available in a vast array of bold and beautiful colours, you can select the right colour for you depending on your décor. For a sleek contemporary look and trademark silky sheen, choose a subtle white that will effortlessly compliment your surroundings. On the other hand if you want your kitchen & dining chairs to be a focal point in the room, why not opt for vibrant apple green.

ABS and satin finishes are also exceedingly practical, a core attribute of Eames furniture. Stain resistant and characteristically low maintenance, they can easily be wiped clean should any spillages occur - ideal for busy kitchen environments.


White Eames Chairs at Oak Table

The Recent Evolution

With advances in technology, manufacturers have been keen to expand on the original template, experimenting with its attributes by tailoring the seat in accordance with modern trends. We pride ourselves in our broad replica range, offering kitchen and dining furniture with trademark Eames features fused with the latest advancements and design techniques.

A prime example is clear acrylic, as seen in the Eames Wooden Chair Clear. The transparent nature of the material means it’s visually spacious, creating a highly minimal look that’s ideal if you’re looking to keep your kitchen area as simple and clutter-free as possible. Our collection of Vivid Eames is a has also proved popular, revitalizing the classic with a futuristic pyramid patterning and contrasting coloured backrest, as seen in the in the picture to the left. For added support, check out the Armchairs, which encompass your body for additional comfort.

Our Cushioned Eames is a further collection that displays the evolutionary process the archetypal model has gone through in response to customer need. With high-density foam padding, models such as Cushioned Eames White invite you to sit back, relax and dine in optimum comfort. For a funky alternative we also offer a range of immensely popular Patchwork version. Looking for something with a little more character? By upholstering the classic curved seat with a vibrant fabric, there is no doubt products like the Spectrum will make a lasting impression wherever you use them.

Take a look at three stylish Eames style designs below:

  • Cushioned Eames Style DSR Chair BlackCushioned DSR
  • Eames Style Wooden Chair Satin Black SeatWooden Satin Eames
  • Eames Style DSR Chair BlackEames Style DSR


Innovative, intelligent and impossibly alluring, Eames kitchen and dining chairs will continue to retain their appeal, inspiring future generations as adeptly as they prosper in homes across the nation.


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