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Designer Kitchen Chairs

By Philippa Baker, 30th April, 2013

Is your kitchen just running short of that special something? Then why not give your home a boost with a couple of our designer kitchen chairs? The kitchen offers the perfect spot for showing off; being, as it is, the bona fide hub of the home. It’s a space we use on a daily basis, for eating and entertaining alike, so it pays to furnish it as fabulously as possible. In choosing the right designs, you’ll provide your home with a timeless yet timely talking point, and the best part is that doing so doesn't have to be expensive.

"Our designer kitchen chairs can bring a sense of opulence and excitement to even the most austere of homes, so it’s no surprise that their popularity has soared in the face of these tough economic times."
Designer White Chairs at Brushed Steel Dining Table


The importance of furniture is frequently taken for granted, with many people overlooking its ability to really define the mood of a room. One benefit of kitchen furniture lies in the way it is dispersed across the room. Unlike most home items, dining chairs are usually purchased in multiples, thereby maximizing their ability to make an impact.

Choose between original designs and replicas in order to impart your desired effect. If, for example, you’re hoping to hark back to the past, you could do worse than to try a couple of Eames-style products. Eames furniture is a recognized symbol of quality and innovation, and is sure to turn heads, wherever it’s placed. Our Eames kitchen dining chairs are inspired by the works of their namesakes, and are characterized by the same stamp of unquestionable quality.


Eames DSR Chairs in White Kitchen


Similarly, our Sherwood Dining Chair is another trendy design with a real designer charm. Sculpted from sleek high gloss ABS, its intricate branch design is sure to turn heads and win admirers.

Of course, the success of designer furniture depends on its strength as much as its look, which is why we’re pleased to say that each and every one of our designs is manufactured to a high standard.

Similarly, other factors like seat material and frame finish can play a huge role in creating the designer effect. Brushed steel is favoured among those who are hoping to create a sense of something special without being outlandish. Crafted by hand, this smart matt finish will match the likes of kettles and other kitchen appliances beautifully. Furthermore, these features frequently characterise our best selling designer bar stools, allowing you to create a perfect union of two different types of furniture.

If you’re worried that it may all look a little overwhelming, you may wish to pair your chairs with one of our subtle dining tables. Firm and fashion-forward, they offer the ideal complement to many of our most popular lines.


Brushed Steel Kitchen Appliances


Make your kitchen matter with a set of designer kitchen chairs. Strong, beautiful and utile, they’ll win over even the hardest of hearts. To discover the full range, just click the button below.


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