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Unique Dining Chairs

By Clemency Hitchings, 24th September, 2012

For those who like to live a life less ordinary, unique dining chairs are a popular choice. If the look of your kitchen or dining room is in need of a shake-up then a new set of furnishings will offer an exciting and dynamic solution. Ceaselessly succeeding in reinvigorating rooms and turning homes into havens, they make eye-catching additions to any location they grace in addition to being fully functional, comfortable and utile.

"Many of our designs are inspired by the classics of times gone by, with our range of Eames Style Chairs proving an enduring hit with fashion-forward customers. Fondly recalling the groundbreaking works of Charles and Ray Eames, they blend past, present and future together to mesmerising effect."
Eames DSR Chairs at Silver Table


Those who are seeking something truly different will be pleased to hear that our catalogue of unique models comprises a number of our own designs, too. Many models are exclusive to Atlantic Shopping, making us your first port-of-call if you wish to dine in distinguished company. Some items boast contoured shapes and funky finishes, producing a mouth-wateringly striking aesthetic. Meanwhile, our bistro-style models encourage you to infuse your home with a generous dash of continental cool.

Of course, manufacturers realise that you may not be looking to make a bold statement with your furniture. With this in mind, we've manufactured a number of conservative yet distinctive models. Often enhanced by cantilever frames, our faux leather dining chairs bring their unique brand of beauty to settings without overwhelming the surrounding décor.


White Joshua Chairs at Glass Table


Dining is evolving, and with many modern families opting to eat on bar stools, benches or even the sofa, dining chairs have undergone a transition. This is why it's important to remember that these products aren't just for dining but can in actual fact represent a fun opportunity to make a real visual statement.

Moreover, some models even borrow from the theatrics of funky chairs before fusing these with the natural charm of more traditional structures. Our popular Clementine Chair can be used at the dining table or as a standalone feature. A hit with entertainers, it's likely to elicit its fair share of compliments in addition to functioning as a genuinely utile furnishing.


Clementine Chairs at Wooden Table

Clementine Chair White


Irrespective of the look of your home, one thing is certain - a set of unique dining chairs will play a significant role in helping it to achieve its full potential, in addition to keeping you comfy, content and cocooned in bliss.


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