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Impress Your Visitors with a Welcoming & Cosy Guest Room

By Philippa Baker, 3rd November, 2014

The guest room is one of the most frequently overlooked rooms in the house. Despite the best of intentions, more often than not it ends up being used to store laundry, out of season clothes, and a cluttered assortment of odds and ends. When guests arrive you find yourself in that inevitable cleaning frenzy, desperately trying to make the room look habitable before the doorbell rings.

But with a bit of planning and some clever design hacks, it’s easy to create a welcoming and cosy space for your guests that’s a real asset to your home. Read on for our top tips...

1) Make a statement with a metal bedframe

Alderley Bed With Metal Bed Frame

Alderley Metal Bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your guest room, so why not make a feature of it? Undeniably inviting, a metal bedframe is a design classic with a gorgeous gothic edge. Sure to stand out amid an otherwise neutral or simple décor, designs like our Elizabeth or Alderley will infuse a glamourous touch that’s sure to impress.

If you have kids to stay, there’s no doubt they’ll love the novelty of the sleek brass knobs and intricately designed metalwork. Leave out a copy of Bedknobs and Broomsticks as bedtime reading and let their imaginations go wild.

What’s more, metal bedframes allow a reasonable amount of storage space beneath them, perfect for keeping your guests' suitcases, or even just storing a few bits and pieces of your own.

2) Maximise on storage space

  • Ambience Set Of Drawers Oak And BlackAmbience
  • Ambience Set Of Drawers Oak And GreenAmbience
  • Ambience Set Of Drawers Oak And WhiteAmbience


In a perfect world your guest room would only ever be used by guests, remaining pristine and uncluttered in between visits. However in reality, we all know that’s rarely the case. When pushed for space it’s inevitable you’ll start eyeing up the little-used room, gradually filling it with your own things.

Fix this problem by maximising the storage space available, selecting furniture that is functional as well as fashionable. The Ambience Set Of Drawers is a great example, with three drawers for compact storage. An ideal nightstand or bedside table, place a lamp, alarm clock and coaster on top as a hospitable touch.

(August 2016 - Please note, the Ambience is no longer available in white, cream, or black but can still be bought in green.)

In addition, make the most of wall recesses and alcoves by fitting them with open shelving. Not only will they provide precious extra storage space, but everything from books to ornaments can be displayed, adding to the cosy “lived in” look without adding clutter. Hooks and hangers on the back of the door are another clever storage solution, showing your guests you’ve made room for their belongings.

3) Add a comfy chair

If your guest room is big enough, a cosy chair will do wonders for that homely, welcoming aesthetic. Armchair style designs like the City are ideal for a window, corner or alcove space, allowing your guest to relax and unwind after a day of travel. Why not leave some magazines or books they might like nearby, helping them to feel valued and catered for.

Alternatively, a stylish chair like the Verdi would work just as well at a desk or dresser. When not being sat upon, it would make a practical item for your guests to drape clothes or bags over.

4) Choose neutral colours

Bed In Neutral Coloured Guestroom

It may be tempting to go to town and decorate your guest room using all the colours and materials you wouldn’t dare try in your master suite. But remember this is the ‘guest’ room, meaning first and foremost it must be aimed at those staying in it. Since everyone has their own taste in décor, and some people could struggle to sleep with intense or overpowering brightly coloured walls, it’s best to stay on the safe side with a fairly neutral palette.

From cream to caramel, warm colours in elegant muted shades are ideal for creating a cosy and homely ambience, whilst serene pastel hues like pale blue or daffodil yellow will exude a calming and relaxing vibe. Bold accents such as a jazzy lampshade or decorative quilt will add a fun and funky boost, but be careful not to go too OTT.

5) Add a few unique accent pieces

Guestroom With Interesting Decor

Your aim should be to make your guests feel right at home while they’re staying with you. The last thing you want is to set them up in a sterile room with zero personality and barren décor. For a welcoming touch, add a few subtle accent pieces from colourfully patterned throw cushions to unusual artwork. Plus practical items like a clock and mirror will not go amiss.

If you’ve picked up any trinkets and souvenirs whilst travelling, this is a great place to keep them. A Moroccan lantern on the windowsill or Venetian carnival masks on the wall can make for a unique display with a personal touch.

6) Keep it fresh

Clean And Tidy Guestroom

Undoubtedly the most basic and important rule of hosting is clean sheets. But for extra brownie points leave a few fluffy towels folded neatly on the bed, plus a blanket or two in case it gets cold.

Guest rooms can get a little musty if not used regularly, so open the window for a few hours before your visitor arrives to ensure it’s well ventilated. And why not go the extra mile with a vase of fresh flowers or a scented candle on the bedside table.

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