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How to Create a Cosy Corner in Your Home

By Philippa Baker, 25th February, 2015

Whilst spring is on the horizon, it’s not quite here yet. The nights are still dark, and with snowy showers and bitter northerly winds, it’s not time to bid goodbye to the hat, scarf and gloves just yet.

But whilst winter lingers, don’t begrudge it! Instead make the most of the long nights by staying in and creating a cosy corner in your home. Whether unwinding after a stressful day at the office or simply reaping the benefits of having the house to yourself, it’s easy to create the perfect spot to relax in.

Cosy Lounge Space


First things first, pick a quiet and undisturbed space; anything from a casual lounge area to a snug reading nook will do. For uninterrupted bliss ensure it’s distraction free by drawing the curtains, switching off your mobile and unplugging the landline.

Creating a warm interior is key, but you don’t have to own an authentic log fire to create that cosy aesthetic. Ambient lighting is a great place to start, promoting a calm and soothing atmosphere. Avoid the harsh blue light emitted by screens and instead opt for lighting with a cheery yellow glow, such a lamps, candles or dimmer bulbs.

Cosy Log Fire


Soft textures and homely colours will also do wonders for a sumptuously snug vibe. Think fleecy blankets, knitted jumpers and fluffy pillows, all in inviting warm shades.

Comfort is crucial, so it's key you select the right style of furniture. Nothing beats a comfortable armchair to snuggle up in; their very look denotes a restful and homely aesthetic. Copiously padded, the trendy design of our much-loved Gino exudes the warm glow of nostalgia.

  • Gino Oak Chair Blue FabricGino
  • Gino Oak Beige FabricGino
  • Gino Oak Chair Purple FabricGino


(July 2017 - Please note, the Gino Chair has since been discontinued.)

Also popular is our Fleur Chair, boasting luxurious button detailing, supportive armrests and a comfortably padded seat, it invites you to sit back and relax.

Plush fabric is always popular due to its soft welcoming feel, as seen in our brand new range of fabric Tub Chairs. With a snug encompassing shape that curves round the body, they’ll work beautifully in groups clustered round a coffee table, or as stand alone pieces in a corner or alcove space. Nevertheless if you’d rather a luxurious leather design then a patchwork quilt or woollen throw will help warm it up.

  • Tub Chair Charcoal FabricTub
  • Tub Chair Tweed FabricTub
  • Tub Chair Brown FabricTub


(September 2017 - Please note, the Tub Chair has since been discontinued, but the Broadway Chair is a great alternative.)

Last but not least, choose a relaxing activity to help you unwind in your cosy corner, from your favourite film, chilled playlist, or simply curling up with a good book. Accompany it with a hot chocolate or classic cuppa, or if you’re feeling particularly indulgent then a glass or two of wine.


Cosy Corner Pinterest Board


Do you have a favourite chair to curl up in? Let us know! Or why not browse our Cosy Corner pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration…


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