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3 Easy Steps to Scandinavian Style in Your Home

By Philippa Baker, 9th January, 2015

Whilst seeming effortlessly stylish, achieving the simple, clean lines to create light and spacious Scandinavian design isn’t always as easy as it looks, as many home decorators will know. That’s why we’ve compiled these 3 easy steps to help you achieve immensely trendy Scandi style in your home.

1) Focus on natural materials

Drift Oak & White Bar Stools In The Kitchen

Drift Oak & White Bar Stool

Trades like hunting, fishing and building homes out of timber was once the day-to-day existence in Scandinavia, historically a cool forested land. These roots in the natural world translate into the use of plenty of organic textures in home furnishings. Patterned wool rugs, white painted floorboards or engineered timber flooring, plenty of knitted throws in natural colours and geometric colourful patterns displayed as artwork would all fit well with a Scandinavian interior.

Organic materials should always be chosen ahead of glossy plastic or chrome-effect furniture. Wool, felt, linen, wicker, rush baskets and wood in pale oak, birch and pine all have a strong Scandi feel.

The use of natural wood is undoubtedly the key, with simplicity of form and usefulness of function being more important than decorative embellishments.

2) Make the most of light and space

  • Toronto Coffee TableToronto
  • Toronto Set Of Coffee TablesToronto Set
  • Whirl Small Glass Coffee Table WhiteWhirl


Denmark, Sweden and Norway all sit high in the northern hemisphere, giving them long dark winters. Maximising natural light in Scandinavia is an art form, so making the most of large windows along with using plenty of pale wood, expanses of white on the walls and light flooring is really important. A glass-topped coffee table like the Toronto will allow light to reach otherwise dim corners, enhancing the sense of space in a room.

Lighting is also key. When the sun dips you’ll need an array of table and floor lamps to create a cosy atmosphere, as well as practical task lighting on hand to brighten the interior.

Window dressing is popular in these countries. During the summer months thin white gauze often covers the windows to let in as much light as possible, then in the winter heavier curtains are put up to keep out the cold. Think about making a feature of your windows, and leave plenty of space around them to allow the natural light to bathe the room.

3) Clean lines: a Scandinavian design mantra

The third part of a successful Scandinavian aesthetic is smooth, clean lines. When it comes to furniture this means simple, modern shapes with an absence of fussy, elaborate or ornate detail.

With a real minimalist aesthetic, the Jive Wooden Stool White combines sleek oak finished legs with a circular seat pad and a sleek contemporary chrome footrest.

With a pale or neutral backdrop, a bright accent colour brings a burst of warmth to your design. Our Drift Oak & White Bar Stools also come in vivid green and a vibrant coral-red, and would look great at a breakfast bar in a modern kitchen.

Clean lines also mean keeping clutter under control and ornaments restrained. Think about cleverly hidden storage for organising day-to-day essentials, and choose just two or three architecturally stunning decorative pieces, rather than displaying an extensive collection of knick-knacks.

The essence of Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian Style Chairs For The Kitchen

Rush Oak & White Dining Chair & Eames Style DSR Chair White

Ultimately it all comes down to simplicity and practicality. When you’re making decisions about what to keep in your home, the old saying “if it’s not useful or beautiful, it doesn’t belong” fits well when designing a Scandi inspired living space. And don’t be afraid to combine the old with the new, such as an antique Turkish Kilim rug with an ultra-modern dining table. An eclectic mix will give your simply styled room a personal and artistic touch.

Scandinavian Style Pinterest Board

Shop our range of solid oak Scandinavian-inspired furniture now, or check out our Scandinavian Style Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration.


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