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Love Your Curves in Your Home

By Philippa Baker, 3rd April, 2015

From sculpted archways to sweeping spiral staircases, cylindrical columns to stylish circular rooms, there’s a growing trend for curves used in architecture and interior design that’s much sought after. Promoting smooth surfaces and soft curvaceous lines, it cuts a cool contemporary look that exudes a cutting edge innovation and creativity. Never far behind, furniture displaying circles, waves and everything in between has been designed to match.

Shimmer Translucent Stool Clear in Kitchen

Shimmer Translucent Stool

Did you know curvy furniture is proven to be more visually pleasing? Possessing smooth lines with an attractive fluidity, chairs like the Clementine create an informal, relaxed vibe that can be more welcoming than harsher angular designs. Whilst such furniture is made to enhance round or curved interior spaces, it’ll work just as well in square or rectangular settings. In fact mixing shapes can revitalise a room, making it more interesting with a distinctive and dynamic lift.

A prime example is the Marcus, its encompassing round shape exuding a casual and cosy look whilst retaining a graceful elegance. Great for softening an otherwise angular room, it’s an ideal piece for an alcove or corner space. Likewise, the chic design of the Duo is sure to catch the eye, packing visual punch sat at a traditional kitchen worktop or breakfast bar.

Curved Bar With Diamond Bar Stools

Diamond Bar Stool Black

But not only is curved furniture known for its aesthetic value, it’s also highly practical. Increasingly popular, the all-embracing shape of a circular dining table like the Quest delivers a warm inclusivity that’s undeniably inviting. With each person sat in equal position, everyone can see everyone else, promoting ease of conversation with no one left on the edge. What’s more, as there’s no head or server position, each diner has equal access to any food and drink placed in the centre.

Whilst long rectangular designs can look odd and imbalanced if just a couple are seated, circular models can comfortably seat two or three as well as larger parties. Plus, for special occasions or when unexpected guests pop in, more chairs can easily be pulled up without looking out of place.

Crescent Bar Stools At Round Bar Area

Brushed Crescent Stool

Another great feature of curvy furniture is its space saving appeal. Without the addition of jutting angles, the modern designs are visually spacious and cleverly compact. What’s more with the absence of corners, rounded stools such as the Oracle will rotate in their own space, and consequently are unlikely to catch on their surroundings. Lacking sharp edges, curves undoubtedly provide a safer option, especially if children could be running around.

Love Your Curves Pinterest Board

Want to embrace curves in your home but aren’t sure where to start? Check out our Love Your Curves Pinterest board, full of design ideas and interior inspiration to help you get started.

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