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How to Make Cream Dining Sets Work for Your Kitchen

By Philippa Baker, 20th November, 2014

The kitchen is probably the most used room in your house. No matter how fancy your dining room is, it’s inevitable friends and family will wind up congregating in the kitchen, attracted to the enticing smells, warm atmosphere and friendly chatter. Cool and casual, it’s the default room for catch up conversations at parties, and on busy weekdays the kitchen table is where we eat most of our meals.

Therefore it’s important to make the right decision when it comes to your kitchen’s dining area. Ideally it should be a functional, unobtrusive and neutral space, so cream table and chairs are a pretty safe choice. While that may seem like a boring option, clean and well-accessorised cream dining sets have limitless potential.

We’ve listed five of our top tips on how you can make your cream dining set work in your kitchen, whatever your interior style.

1) Keep It Simple With A Glass Table

Cream Ankara Dining Set

Ankara Dining Set Large

Cream dining sets are a classic choice for any kitchen. Nicely neutral, they work with pretty much any colour scheme and won’t steal any focus from bold accents such as a colourful fridge or feature wall.

Whilst some customers prefer a ready made set like the Ankara, others prefer to put their own together. For a simple yet stylish look, choose a clear glass table to go with cream dining chairs. Marvellously minimalist, the glass will almost disappear into the background, allowing the rest of your kitchen to shine.

You should also aim to match surrounding appliances and furniture with your cream chairs. This will create an even tone across your kitchen, ensuring your dining set really blends in for a matching and complementary aesthetic.

2) Go Art Deco Style

Ankara Dining Set & Trinity Chairs

Ankara Dining Set & Trinity Chairs

Cream, black and silver are staples of the Art Deco look. First popularised early in the 20th century, Deco style is now making a comeback thanks to its clean symmetrical lines, versatile colour scheme, and glamourous connections with the roaring twenties.

To bring a bit of Deco chic to your kitchen, channel Mackintosh style furniture with a set of high backed chairs in black or cream, like the Dali. It’s all about the opulent touches of mirrored panelling, metal filigree or stained glass.

To do justice to the theme, keep your Deco pieces in pristine condition. Every six months, condition genuine leather seat pads to avoid cracking or dry patches, and polish mirrored chrome panels at least once a week to remove sticky fingerprints.

3) Embrace Al Fresco Dining

Newbury Extending Dining Set

When throwing a fancy al fresco dinner party, sometimes the average patio set just won’t cut the mustard. With practical wipe-clean finishes, they’re not quite as stylish as indoor dining sets, and often don’t prove as comfortable.

Luckily, cream dining sets work just as well on a covered patio area in the garden as they do inside the home. On warm sunny days, why not bring your table and chairs outside and enjoy your meals in the great outdoors. Just remember to take your furniture back inside before night falls, or if there’s any chance of rain or bad weather.

4) Experiment With A Pop Of Colour

Cream Decor Montage

Many choose a cream dining set for their kitchen as it’s a safe and inoffensive colour. But too much cream can look insipid and dull, plus can prove a little tricky to keep clean with young children or pets.

When you’re in a rented property there’s not much you can do about this - you can’t paint the walls or replace the kitchen cabinets to liven things up. But you can add a splash of colour with some well-chosen accessories, using your cream kitchen as a gallery-style backdrop. Experiment by hanging a bold piece of art on the wall, make a statement with an oversized maritime clock, or find yourself a bright retro sign.

When you’re working against a cream background, you can afford to take a few risks with your décor. Use this as an opportunity to really unleash your creative side, brightening up your dining set with some bold and beautiful colours. Try decorating your table with a cluster of vibrant candlesticks, coloured glass tumblers or mismatched vintage china.

5) Add Natural Greenery

Natural Greenery In Cream Kitchen

Fresh greenery looks particularly good against cream and other pale colours, creating a homely farmhouse aesthetic and pastoral ambience. Decorative aluminium or artillery plants will thrive in most conditions, bringing a natural touch to your kitchen.

Nothing beats a scattering of fresh herbs over a home-cooked meal, so why not grow your own herb garden? It’s cheap, easy, and when looked after properly your herbs will last for years to come. Parsley, basil and mint are probably the easiest types to grow in a British kitchen, and can be kept in pretty ceramic pots then displayed around the room. You can even use them to create a rustic centrepiece for your dining table.

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