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Making A Large Room Feel Warm & Inviting

By Sophie Hardy, 31st December, 2015

Usually, the main concern when decorating a room is not having enough space. So having a large or open plan room with too much space is a nice problem to have. A big room can be great for entertaining guests, but for everyday life it can become cold and impersonal. If you’re faced with a huge space to fill, our six tips will help you create a warm and inviting environment in your luxuriously large room.

1. Dark, Muted Colour Schemes

When deciding a colour scheme for a large space, choose muted or deep shades that will absorb the light, making the room appear smaller. If you have a particularly high ceiling, paint it a few shades lighter than your walls to make the room feel cosier, or you could even match the colour of your walls if you’re feeling adventurous. Reds and browns will add warmth, or use dark stained wood for the cabinets in the kitchen to create a welcoming feel.

Bold or patterned wallpaper may be overwhelming in a big space, but creating one feature wall can provide a focal point, distracting from the size of the room. Using different accent colours on rugs, cushions, and throws can define separate areas in the room, but make sure they still compliment the main colour scheme.

Dark Colour Scheme In Modern Kitchen

Tetbury Oak Stool

2. Create Zones

A large room allows you to use different areas for different purposes, this might be watching television, completing homework, socialising and playing games or reading a book. After deciding on the zones you want to create, separate them visually to break up the space.

Large patterned rugs are a simple yet effective option that not only create a divide but also become an attractive focal point, or go a step further and use different flooring. In an open plan room, a decorative screen allows you to create an intimate and cosy space; this can then be folded away when hosting parties. You could also use a centre table as a functional partition, and sofa tables work particularly well to section off the seating area.

Defined Zones In Large Room

3. Separate Seating Areas

A practical way of filling awkward corners or extra space is to create separate seating areas within the room. In the living room this might be an armchair for a quiet reading corner, a work or study space, or even just an extra conversation area. In the kitchen you could include a breakfast bar with stools for quick and informal mealtimes, along with a kitchen dining table for eating together as a family or entertaining guests.

The additional seating and designated areas will encourage more of the family to spend time in that space, creating a sociable environment.

Separate Seating Areas In Large Space With Ace Stools

4. Oversized Furniture

In an open plan room the best option is to go big with your furniture, not only does this fill the space, it also means your furniture will look proportionate with the size of the room. Oversized or sectional sofas act as an anchor for the room, and create a sense of comfort, or opt for a large statement piece like a day bed or chaise lounge.

In the kitchen, a large island is a great central piece that can serve many a purpose: food prep, extra storage cabinets, sinks, hobs, or even a breakfast bar extension. If you do opt for a breakfast bar, choose bar stools with a backrest, or even wide stools with armrests, as these will take up more visual space and of course provide more comfort and support.

Sectional Sofa In Large Room

5. Float Furniture Away From Walls

When seating is pushed against the wall in a large room it creates big empty spaces between furniture, which can reduce the social atmosphere and cosy conversations turn to shouting across the room. So to avoid this, try floating your chairs and sofas away from the wall or even in the centre of the room facing each other. This can also be a great way to define different areas in the room and those empty walls can be filled with artwork, bookcases, or tables.

Furniture In Centre Of Modern Living Room

6. Big & Bold Decorations

Small accessories will become lost in an open space, so choose big and bold artwork and decorations. To avoid a cold and empty room, fill bare walls with large paintings or hang big photographs in a group. You could also display crockery on shelves or pegboards, or hang an oversized clock to fill wall space in the kitchen.

Vases or bowls make for great decorative features on tables, play around with good-sized pieces in materials and colours that compliment your interior. Use textured throws, rugs, curtains, and cushions to create a warm and comfortable space to sit and relax in. Adding layers and different textures will also stop the room echoing or feeling cold.

Big And Bold Decorations In Open Room

Whether you live in an open plan loft space or just want to make the most of a large living room or kitchen, you can use these design tricks to turn it into a snug and welcoming space that everyone wants to spend time in. For more interior inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards.

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