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Creating the Ideal Mood for Your Home

By Philippa Baker, 30th August, 2015

Once upon a time, interior design was all about creating a home with the real wow factor. People wanted to impress their guests with show-stopping style, aiming to turn heads and make a statement. But times are changing, and a gradual shift in values as a society has slowly filtered through to the world of interior design. In today’s day and age, many now wish to create a comfortable, safe and cosy space to relax in over a “show home” to display.

Ultimately it all comes down to mood, which is more often than not determined by the purpose of a room. Therefore before you start decorating, it pays to consider what a room will be used for. We’ve identified four key components that can be used to alter the mood of a room - colour, space, texture and light - and consequently how it can make you feel. Get it right, and you can create an attractive and welcoming home that can even have a beneficial effect on your health.

Home Sweet Home

1. Public vs. Private

Will it be a public space to entertain guests, host parties and welcome people into your home? Or a private sphere to spend time unwinding after work or relaxing with the family? Focused around the room’s main purpose, each will create an entirely different mood.

Take the lounge, for example. When designed for private usage, it’s commonly a casual space with a homely feel used for chilling in front of the TV, reading the paper, or playing with the kids. For a cosy and comfortable ambience, it pays to select the right materials and textures.

Choose fabric over leather upholstery, favouring plush fibres, chunky knits and soft woven fabrics. Wooden furniture with a natural grain should be utilised over metal alternatives, creating a more organic and warm vibe. Our Vienna Dining Chair is a great example, creating a snug and cosy mood when positioned round the fireplace.

Alternatively, public usage of the lounge calls for a slightly more formal, impressive or smart look. Your aim should be to create more space and less mess, in order to provide a more welcoming and pleasant environment for your guests. Think calming, ordered and stylish over messy, chaotic and busy.

If you have a coffee table, keep it clear of magazines, remotes and other everyday clutter. Instead, choose one focal décor piece such as a bowl of interesting fruit, an elegant plant or tasteful photo-frames. View the table as a blank canvas, which can be dressed differently dependent on the occasion.

Smart And Spacious Lounge

2. Day vs. Night

The dining room is a great example of a room in which you can create completely different moods, depending on the time of day. A lot of it comes down to how you light the space, which should be determined by the purpose of the meal and diners present.

For a casual and homely daytime vibe, open the curtains and let natural light flood the room, or when grey outside rely on the main overhead bulbs. If it’s a quick breakfast, family brunch or low-key lunch, keep things simple. Forgo the frills by opting for standard kitchenware and tablemats. Aim for a pleasant and relaxed space, but don’t worry too much if things don’t match.

Casual Daytime Dining Room

Nevertheless, it’s a different story when the sun goes down. If you’re hosting a formal dinner party or even just a romantic meal for two, you’ll no doubt want to create a smart and sophisticated look for a more intimate and alluring atmosphere.

Ambient lighting is key, so turn off the overhead bulbs in favour of the warm glow of corner lamps along with candles on the table. Bring out the fancy tableware and opt for plush luxury textiles; think sleek wine glasses, elegant candlesticks and a fancy tablecloth or runner. For the classy look, make sure the kids’ Lego bricks and plastic beakers are tidied safely out of sight.

The base room beneath it all is the same – it’s how you dress it that sets the mood and ultimately affects how you feel. Check out our Table Décor pinterest board for ideas and inspiration.

Elegant Evening Dining Room

3. Calming vs. Energised

Colour is another factor that plays a big part in creating the overall mood in a room, influencing how you feel when you spend time in it. Whether you realise it or not, different colours produce different feelings, so be sure to choose wisely.

When it comes to the kitchen, a calming atmosphere may be preferable if you’re after a contemplative space to help you relax as you cook dinner. Choose serene colours in soft shades like pastel blues, sea greens, cool creams and pale greys that encourage a tranquil state of mind, leaving you feeling calm and at ease in preparation for a restful nights sleep. With a refined and unassuming beauty, our cream bar stools are ideal.

Mimi Chrome Stool Cream In Tranquil Kitchen

Mimi Chrome Stool Cream

Conversely, you may prefer a more dynamic and vibrant look for your kitchen. This could be to match an extrovert personality, or simply to gear you up for work each morning. If you intend to hold a lot of parties, you’ll want to create a fun and energising space with a friendly tone, and hence setting the right mood with colour is key.

For a really upbeat environment, think bright pop colours from zesty oranges, reds and yellows through to funky pinks, purples and blues. Go crazy with bold stripes or retro polka-dots, and think about introducing jazzy patterns and prints. Available in a host of vivid colours, our Candy Chair and Gloss Coco Bar Stools can bring any kitchen to life with their cheery radiance.

Funky Energised Kitchen

Gloss Coco Bar Stool

The home is a reflection of the self, and as we’re all different, one style of décor won’t fit all. It’s important you create a space that reflects you and your family, tailored around its purpose and what you value most. Let us know how you get on!


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