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Creating Theatre in the Home

By Philippa Baker, 7th October, 2015

Want to give your home a touch of the dramatic? So much of interior design is about creating different “stages” on which you go about your life. Think of your home as a theatre; it’s not only what people see in a given space, but how it will make them feel.

What scene do you want to play out? A cosy, homely backdrop to everyday life, or a glamourous, enchanting set to captivate an audience? And how do you want to be made to feel? Relaxed and soothed, or excited and invigorated? It pays to bear these factors in mind as you start the design process.

Ultimately, it’s the internal architecture of a house that creates the main stage. Picture a sweeping spiral staircase in the entrance hall, or statement floor to ceiling windows in the lounge. Such striking design features will instantly enhance a space and create a sense of grandeur. But if you have no control over the architecture of your home… don’t worry! The beauty is in the detail; it’s as much about the scenery and the props as it is the auditorium.

Designing Your Home


Before you start, think about the purpose of the room and its audience. How will it be used and who will it be used by? For example, you may wish the bedroom to be a private sphere, your aim to create a relaxing, peaceful space perfect for a good nights sleep. Vice versa, it’s likely a reception room or dining area will take on a more extrovert personality – an engaging stage to dazzle, impress and entertain guests. Read more about public vs private interiors in Creating The Ideal Mood For Your Home.


Spacious Dining Room For Entertaining

Scenery & Props

Colour, form and texture can be used to create as much or as little drama as you desire. Bold textures, bright colours and over-scale shapes will create a daring look that is sure to make a statement.

Rooms that you don’t spend as much time in, such as a hallway or the downstairs toilet, are ideal for experimenting with the dramatic as any radical décor pieces won’t overwhelm if you’re just passing through. Alternatively, in spaces where you spend more time, such as the lounge or kitchen, you may prefer to create a more neutral backdrop. Think of your home as the stage, its occupants the actors. Whilst some will embrace extrovert décor, others may not want an overpowering décor style that distracts them from everyday life.


Elegant Dining Spaces


Fabric is great for personalising a room, helping to shape its overall look and feel. For example, plush fabrics will create a luxury look, as seen in our Kensington Dining Chair Grey Velvet. On the other hand, rustic homely fabrics as seen on our Cornell Oak Bar Stool Tweed Fabric will create more of a pastoral, farmhouse vibe. Or for a look that is a little more unique, you may wish to mix the fancy with the neutral – it all comes down to the scene you wish to create.

Stars of the Show

No piece of theatre is complete without its A list cast. Each room in your home should have a centrepiece or focal point to ensure it receives rave reviews; an item of furniture or décor piece that draws in the eye and grabs your attention. It could be striking seating from our collection of Retro Funky Chairs, or a décor piece like an oversized vase or sparkling chandelier.

One method is to buy your star piece first, then style your room around it. For example, red bar stools such as the Crescent (pictured below) will look bright, bold and beautiful lined up along the worktop or breakfast bar. Once these are in place, design the rest of your kitchen to match, pulling in red accents in kitchen appliances and crockery from the toaster to the teapot.

Alternatively, you may find you’ve designed a room that is a little too perfect, verging on boring. Introducing a successful star piece will push the boundaries and break the rules, livening up a plain interior with theatrical effect. A great example would be our Black Orbit Coffee Table Zebra Inner, a funky design that’s full of character and sure to revamp any neutral lounge space. Remember, the simpler the room, the more of an impression the item will have.

What’s more, don’t think just because you have a small room you have to choose a small focal piece. Experiment with scale; be bold and opt for a larger statement chair like the Ascot. Not only will larger items make a room notably more dramatic, but they can make smaller spaces appear larger too.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting is key to any theatre production, and is equally important in the home. How you light a space can completely transform the look and overall mood of the room. For example low ambient lighting, from candles to floor lamps, is great for a romantic dinner date or an opulent dinner party, whereas you may prefer to let in plenty of natural sunlight for Sunday brunch at the breakfast bar.


Natural Lighting In The Kitchen

Shimmer Bar Stool


So there you have it! All you need to create a sense of theatre in your home. Need a little more inspiration? Our Pinterest boards are full of décor ideas and interior trends to help get you on your way.


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