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Metal Kitchen Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 13th August, 2013

Slick and strong, metal kitchen stools are ideal for use in any domestic setting. Taking on all kinds of guises, these multi-dynamic designs combine sturdy construction with a strong look and a crisp sheen. Making waves in any space, they're a sublime fit for any kitchen. The brilliance of metal is that it responds to every colour and material, from white satin to walnut-finished wood! Always keen to offer you a choice, it should also be noted that most of our metal stools embrace one of two finishes.

"The average modern kitchen is peppered with metal, from kettles and toasters to stainless steel toastie-makers and partially chromed coffee machines. With this in mind, why not turn the practical into the pretty by maintaining the theme in your furniture?"


The dominant stool finish is chrome. Its natural gleam recalls the look of classic American diner stools, and brings a blast of nostalgia to any environment. With the retro look being such a big deal these days, chrome has made a well-deserved comeback. Brushed steel is the natural alternative, with brushed stools still a relatively rare presence within the bar stool industry. Given that many common household appliances share the finish, brushed steel kitchen stools offer a seamless and unique way of blending everything together. This makes them particularly perfect as an addition to minimal decor, where their subtle beauty thrives.


Chrome Crescent Stools in Wooden Kitchen

Padded Crescent Bar Stool White


In contrast, for an authentic industrial look an antique finish might be applied to the frame. The results produce an aged matt effect which can extend so as to characterise the entire stool, as in the case of the Vintage Swivel Stool seen below. We have a selection of vintage industrial style stools that make a unique statement, ideal for factory-style spaces where they can bring a stylish reclaimed feel, or equally as impressive in a modern home for a stunning juxtaposed interior.


Vintage Swivel Stools In Modern Kitchen

Vintage Swivel Stool


Metal can also be sculpted in different ways. Designs like the Zizi Kitchen Stool Red are created by twisting and molding metal in order to produce the iconic Z shape. Beyond this, a frame might also be welded. This method of construction effectively melts the metal together at the joints, re-enforcing the overall frame and making it stronger.

The combination of heat and pressure produces items to be reckoned with, and is particularly common across our selection of commercial bar stools, which are specifically designed to withstand the scrutiny of a bustling businesss environment.


Metal Work Grinder with Sparks


A number of our designs integrate metallic flourishes for a spot of contrast. The Chartwell Wooden Stool and Reef Wooden Stool Charcoal Fabric (pictured below) are both representative of this, combining, as they do, a rustic wooden frame with an accented chrome footrest bar. The metallic focal point shows just how far metal furniture has evolved, making its way from the retro funky kitchen to traditionally styled and provincial designs. It's also hard-wearing, and enables you to enjoy your items over and over again without fear of scuffing the varnish.

Here are three stylish wooden bar stools with polished chrome footrests:

Our metal kitchen stools are a winning choice for the home and beyond. Strong and striking, they aim to catch the eye while maintaining their sharp standards of quality.


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