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Chrome, Brushed Steel and Satin Bar Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 13th July, 2010

When purchasing bar stools, it’s important you select the right finish to complement your home or business. If you decide you don’t want a traditional wooden frame there are three great options available to you: chrome, brushed steel and satin painted. Fashionable finishes made popular by their sleek contemporary sheen, each type comes with a host of stylish attributes that makes for truly irresistible stools.

Chrome Brushed Steel and Satin Finishes

Chrome Finish

By far the most popular of the three, a polished chrome frame has been around the longest. First used in the roadside diners of 1950s America, its signature mirrored finish was copied from the shiny metalwork found on cars at the time. Undeniably iconic, it’s still widely used today to create timeless retro stools much admired for their nostalgic aesthetic, such as our Java Diner Stool Black.


Chrome American Diner Stools Blue Background


Yet chrome also offers the most choice, its versatile appearance key in creating ultra-modern stools with a sleek polished look, as seen in the Diamond. Thanks to its smooth reflective nature it can be paired with a whole host of seat materials, enhancing surrounding colours to compliment them perfectly. Its mirrored surface is also great for creating a spacious aesthetic, ideal for crowded interiors where space is limited.

Advantages of Chrome Stools

Arguably one of the reasons chrome is so popular is thanks to its hardwearing nature. Crafted from stainless steel of upgraded thickness for strength and rigidity, our chrome bar stools are then electroplated in a solution to give them a sleek, uniform finish that is free from flaws.

Fabulously low maintenance, their wipe clean surface needs only a light dusting every so often to keep its lustrous sheen. Plus they’re highly durable and largely resistant to scratches, meaning they’re ideal for even the busiest of kitchens.


Chrome Finish Piping

Brushed Steel Finish

Whilst chrome used to be the primary material used in the kitchen, it’s slowly being replaced by this state-of-the-art alternative. With the rise of brushed steel kitchen appliances, matching stools have been designed to create a uniform, contemporary chic. Not quite as bright as glossy chrome, a brushed finish exudes a sophisticated, designer look that is softer and more muted, as seen in the Vision.


Chrome vs Brushed Steel Stool Finish

Benefits of Brushed Steel

Slightly more expensive, brushed steel bar stools are made from top quality grade 1 stainless steel. Because of this, some can be used both in and out of doors. Though it can be slightly more prone to scratching and fingerprints than chrome, this much sought after finish is impressively stain resistant, resilient to marking and easy to clean.


Brushed Steel Linear Stools in Kitchen

Linear Brushed Steel Bar Stool Cream


Being a relatively new material there are limited styles available, however our range is continually expanding with the latest trends.

Satin Painted Finish

Using the latest high-tech powder coating methods, metal satin painted stools come in a variety of trendy multi-coloured designs. While models in a glossy white or grey finish provide a fashionable minimalist sheen, you may prefer something a little more classic and so opt for a versatile shade of black.

As it’s tougher and thicker than paint, there are no runs or brush strokes with a powder coating, ensuring a smooth and even appearance. Satin is also low maintenance for the most part and is more fingerprint resistant than a polished or mirrored finish would be.


Bright Paint Powder in Pots


Powder coatings are especially common for metallic items. A modern, sturdy fixed height stool, for example, can be enhanced by a black satin effect, the striking dark surface emphasising a sculpted frame. The attractive contoured seats of models such as our Lopez Bar Stool look all the more fashionable when resting upon such glamorously sleek metalworks.


Lopez Bar Stools With Black Satin Painted Finish In Kitchen

Lopez Bar Stool Grey Fabric

The traditional fixed height satin frame is a reliable choice, and stools such as the Hamilton have become integral to our range. The Hamilton also demonstrates the potential for stylistic depth through contrast, with four black metal legs highlighting the polished chrome footrest housed between them.

Another option is painted wood with a sleek satin finish, as seen with the Charlotte Bar Stool. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that while this is ideal if you’re looking for something bold and beautiful, there is less choice available than with our vast array of chrome and brushed steel models.

Whatever your preference, there’s bound to be the right match for you in our broad range of stylish bar stools. Use the button below to shop the collection and discover your perfect design today!


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