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ABS Used in the Construction of Stool Seats

By Adrian Higgins, 13th July, 2013

Whilst ABS plastic is by far one of our bestselling stool seat materials, many of our customers are left puzzled over what it stands for. A widely used plastic called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it's characterised by its shiny waterproof surface. Tough like rubber, its hardwearing and resilient nature makes it ideal for high-impact, fast-paced environments where it could be susceptible to bumps and scrapes. Durable and robust, it’s used in a vast array of products from kitchen appliances to a multitude of children’s toys, including the famous Lego brick. With its recognisable high-gloss sheen, it comes in a wide range of funky colours and boasts an ultra-modern look.

Silver Coco Stools in Kitchen

Coco Bar Stool Silver

Making Seats with Great Shape & Form

With ABS there is no single style, with two fabulous finishes on offer. Many of our customers choose the ever-popular glossy surface, known for its signature sparkle when placed in well-lit interiors due to its sleek polished shell. If you’re after something a little subtler however, why not opt for a matte finish, boasting all the enduring qualities whilst delivering a tasteful, muted aesthetic that blends in nicely with its surroundings. Whilst high-gloss models produce a funky futuristic feel, our matte stools are also a great choice. Both are coloured all the way through the seat, so if they happen to scratch then a different base colour will not show through.


Red High Gloss ABS Plastic


"A highly versatile working medium, ABS is ideal for sculpting into complex shapes. Injection molded, it can be fashioned into any form imaginable, enabling the latest styles and designs to be pioneered. Furthermore it’s very easy to colour the resin during the molding process using dyes, allowing for a broad spectrum of vibrant shades."

Designed by experts, ABS is ergonomically crafted into seat shapes that are sculpted around the body, showing that you don’t have to lose out on comfort when choosing a plastic.

Exceedingly practical, ABS bar stools are often fairly lightweight due to their hollow designs, as modeled by the Coco (pictured below). Extremely mobile, they’re ideal if you like a flexible layout or are prone to rearranging your furniture. Nevertheless if you’re after something with an added toughness, we also sell stools like the Serena that are crafted from solid plastic.

What’s more, you can also match your bar stools to your table for a harmonious, uniform look, they deliver that contemporary chic through its polished finish and array of vivid colours. Characteristically hardwearing and robust, it’s perfect for heavy use in bustling bars or busy homes alike.


Brightly Coloured ABS Coco Bar Stools

Gloss Coco Bar Stool

Seats Using Contrasting Materials

Contrasting textures is a big deal in interior design that can produce a stunning effect when done right. Making for a dynamic and eye-catching aesthetic, they can enhance a room and add depth to the décor, preventing interiors from appearing flat, monotonous and predictable. Highly fashionable, furniture that utilises different textures not only compliments a room but brings it to life.


Immensely adaptable by nature, ABS works well with a whole host of other materials for striking visual flair. Used alongside mirrored chrome in popular models such as the Crescent (pictured above), its trendy appeal is only maximised. Not only will chrome enhance the ultra-modern look, but its sleek metallic sheen can cool down fiery shades of red, orange or yellow.

Increasingly popular is Scandinavian style furniture, as seen in models like the Drift (pictured above). Handcrafted from a natural oak frame, it combines the rustic warmth and organic feel of wood with a matte plastic seat in a contemporary curved shape. Fusing traditional and state-of-the-art materials, it's strikingly simple yet effective in creating a stunning bar stool with timeless charm.

Additionally, ABS seats can be sculpted from contrasting colours to pack a visual punch. Putting the fun back into functional, the Soda (pictured above) has a gloss seat with a two-tone design, including fashionable pairings like green and white for attention grabbing style. Colour can significantly alter the sense of space in a room, and contrasting shades of ABS will create a point of interest, exuding character and vibrancy. (February 2018 - Please note, the Soda Bar Stool has now been discontinued.)

So what are you waiting for? Browse our stylish collection now to find the right model for you.


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