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Bentwood Bar Stools

By Clemency Hitchings, 20th August, 2013

Putting a curvaceous spin on classic wooden bar stool designs, our bentwood bar stools combine age-old woodwork techniques with an enduring look that meets modern tastes. As excellent accompaniments to any breakfast bar or counter area, these products bring a real touch of class to any home or business.

"Bentwood designs put a unique spin on our traditional wooden bar stools, and are suited to anybody looking for something a little different. Combining the simple charm of rustic furniture with detailed woodwork, these products are at once timeless and timely, towing the line between traditional design methods and an enduring visual magnetism."


As a technique, bentwood was pioneered by Michael Thonet in the 19th century. Thonet was an innovator of German-Austrian descent and a key figure in the field of cabinet-making. The same methods he created then continue to be applied to the present day, adhering to a rigid step-by-step process in order to achieve the famous bentwood look.

Porous woods with a close grain, such as beech, are often favoured by craftsmen due to their relative receptivity to moulding. The wood is then dampened via a steaming process before being clamped between jigs while it dries. Then the wood is baked into its unique bentwood shape. A great benefit of our designs is that they respond to any number of frame finishes, from polished oak and rich walnut to painted black and white. This means that there's likely to be a bentwood design out there for you, regardless of colour scheme.


Manufacturing Bentwood Bar Stool


Different Applications of Bentwood

Bentwood features can serve a purpose or they can be purely decorative, or both. Cropping up in a number of contexts, it is a common feature of walking sticks and rocking chairs. Whilst walking sticks comprise of an arched curve for the hand to grip, rocking chairs makes similarly effective use of the style, with the curved wood being used to produce the famous rocking mechanism. Our bentwood stools, from the traditional to the modern, are noted for their beauty and variety. Indeed, while some of our frames adopt a wave-like shape, other products feature meticulously detailed backrests. In fact, there's a number of ways in which the rewards of bentwood can be savoured.


Eve Bentwood Bar Stool in Kitchen


Eve Wooden Bar Stool Cream


Many of our breakfast bar stools with this feature are complemented by their corresponding bentwood dining chairs, making them great for use in businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, where a consistent look is desired.

Here are three stylish bentwood bar stools with surprisingly modern looks:

Low stools represent a further variation on our classic bentwood stools, and can provide any space with a subtle infusion of character. Situated closer to dining height than kitchen height, these designs offer all the advantages of our taller items at a widely accessible level. Popular anywhere from the home to the likes of coffee shops and bars, they offer a casual kind of comfort and can be instrumental in populating a room.

Our bentwood bar stools and their dining chair counterparts are perfect for any location where a uniquely stylish look is of importance. Combining all of the benefits of wooden furniture with clever craftsmanship and a powerful look, these engaging products tick every box with taste.

To see our entire range and find a model that suits you, use the button below to browse our bar stools now.


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