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Cushioned Kitchen Chairs

By Clemency Hitchings, 12th March, 2013

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, and that has never been more true than it is today. Over the last couple of years, the kitchen has slowly transformed into an all-encompassing, social space where family and friends can eat, drink and bond within stunning surroundings. Accordingly, it stands to reason that we should want to fill such a space with similarly welcoming furniture, and that's where cushioned kitchen chairs enter the equation. The popularity of these impressive items has increased continually over the last couple of years, and is unlikely to waver anytime soon.

"Long gone are the days where the kitchen was used merely as a space for cooking meals. The modern kitchen is filled with all manner of gadgets and appliances, ranging from stylish docking stations to built-in plasma TV screens. As a result, we're spending more and more time in there, and naturally this necessitates increasingly comfortable and supportive furniture."
Cushioned Hugo Chairs in Kitchen Diner


When it comes to choosing chairs, there are two important things the modern shopper tends to consider. Naturally, style is essential in order to ensure your dining area is pleasing to the eye and consistent with the overall mood of your home. Further to this, it's no secret that the kitchen can all-too-often be a magnet for mess, and this is why we like to ensure that our designs are highly practical. As a result of this, we commonly favour strong colours and resilient materials. Comfort, however, is arguably the most important factor of all. Across the board, we use high density foam padding to ensure that our designs are sufficiently plump and supple.

Our desire to combine these important attributes is evident in a number of our designs. Recent additions to our collection of Eames dining chairs, such as the Cushioned Eames Style DSW and DSR Chairs, take the traditional Eames-inspired framework and combine it with brilliantly crafted seats. We believe that comfort is achieved by combining ergonomic shapes with generous quantities of padding, and it's no co-incidence that a number of our most popular lines combine the two. Furthermore, we sincerely believe that you should have the best of both worlds, and so we're always looking to innovate and embellish existing models.


Cushioned Eames Chairs in Red and White Kitchen


Indeed, we've continually developed traditional templates in order to make them more comfortable. Infact, contrary to popular belief, today's kitchen furniture is more supportive than ever before!

Classically inspired roll back designs such as the Carlo Oak Chair Black have been crafted specifically with your body's needs in mind. Their wooden frames come together with generous padded seats and tall backrests to produce fully accommodating figures.

Of course, if you're looking for something slightly more contemporary, then the good news is that more modern designs abound, too. From polished chrome designs to hand worked brushed steel chairs, our fashion-forward options bring smooth frame finishes together with copious padding, keeping you cosy with a contemporary edge.

Take a look at our comfortable collection of cushioned kitchen chairs below:

If you're dedicated to making your house feel like a home, then why not try some of our cushioned kitchen chairs for yourself. Adding warmth and a sense of the welcoming to any location, they're sure to impart a touch of something special.


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