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Dining Chairs for the Elderly

By Philippa Baker, 10th December, 2012

Whether you're elderly yourself or shopping for a relative, you're likely to be aware of the challenges that advanced age can bring. Good support is essential at all ages, but moreso when in one's twilight years. As a family run business, we understand the importance of ensuring that every need is satisfied and sell a great number of dining chairs for the elderly. Furthermore, Our ongoing discourse with customers has enabled us to manufacture products in line with your preferences, resulting in a wide range of elegant and ergonomic furniture for shoppers of any age.

Elderly Couple Shopping Online


Typically, chairs with armrests were situated on either end of the table, with more compact items adopting a more central position. When it comes to catering for elders, it's worth reserving the most comfortable designs for those who will benefit from the additional support. Armrests can even help you to propel yourself out of the seat. Our popular Eames Chairs are available with and without armrests. Based on designs from the 20th Century, they exude nostalgia and will help you to create a comfortable yet consistently chic dining area.

All of our chairs are designed for extended periods of use, and characterised by high standards of comfort. Foam padding and rich upholstery are common features across the range, and both play a vital role in keeping you cosy. Furthermore, our items are invariably equipped with generous backrests.


"Back support is vital, and the height you plump for can really make a difference to a number of factors. A mid height backrest will cosset you without occupying too much visual space, while a taller structure invites you to settle back into the fabric and unabashedly relax."
Carlo Walnut Chairs at Oak Kitchen Table

Carlo Walnut Chair Black Leather


As a general rule, we recommend selecting something versatile; a good chair that can be used for a range of purposes. After all, classic dining chairs are not merely designed for dining and can in actual fact be used at desks, dressing tables and even for watching television. It may be that you're shopping for something compact and practical to aid you in your daily tasks. The right chair provides an excellent perch for a vast range of activities, from reading to knitting and beyond.

We understand that perhaps you don't need to cater to the needs of the elderly on a daily basis, yet remain concerned for their welfare. If you tend to entertain grandparents or guests, you may wish to bear some practical issues in mind.

In terms of style, it's good to choose something versatile that appeals to tastes across the board. Neutral colours are always a winner, thanks to their inherently conservative charm. The Carlo Oak Chair Beige Fabric is a great example, and is both durable and demure. Alternatively, items like the Macy Chair fuse exquisite style with the technical ingenuity of more modern designs. This intelligent model incorporates a 360 degree swivel feature and gas lift mechanism, allowing you to adjust the chair to keep you comfortable. Furthermore, the easy-clean surface means the Macy requires little maintenance.

Why not take a look at our bestselling chairs with arms below, offering great support to people of all ages:

For a really sublime experience, view our extensive range of dining chairs using the button below. Guaranteed to provide blissful sitting, they'll transcend their purpose to satisfy users from every generation.


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