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Supportive Dining Chairs

By Adrian Higgins, 18th June, 2013

Due to their regular usage and often more formal nature, dining chairs are typically sat on for longer lengths of time than casual kitchen furniture. Used for anything from a quick snack to a fancy dinner party, it’s key they offer an ergonomic seating experience. A comfortable seat will put your guests at ease and invite them to return. Likewise they’re the key to the success of any café or restaurant. Not only will they set you apart from your competitors, but if your customers are relaxed they’ll stay for longer amounts of time, generating the most revenue for you.

"Characterised by their first class quality, our supportive dining chairs aim to promote correct posture, providing you with the core support you need. Take a look at our most supportive models below."

Ergonomic Shape

A supportive backrest is defined by its ability to sustain the natural curvature of the spine. If a chair maintains the lordosis, the lower part of the spine made up of 5 lumbar vertebrae, then it will help to keep its healthy curved shape. This will rotate the sitter’s pelvis forward, fostering a comfortable seating position. It will also stop you from slouching forward, which can result in neck pain and spinal tension. A well-crafted design that provides ergonomic support to the lower back slides everything else into alignment too. Reinforcing the lumbar region will consequently aid the mid 12 vertebrae, the thoracic and kyphosis regions, ensuring a perfect posture.

A common misconception is that with a taller the backrest, the more support is provided. However as the top part of your back, the kyphosis, goes forward into the neck, you’ll find that it no longer comes in to contact with the chair. In actual fact, as long as the backrest finishes at a reasonable height – somewhere around the top half of the spine but below the shoulders – that’s as high as it needs to be. A very tall or extended backrest is usually employed for its luxurious look only.

Spine Position on Dining Chair Diagram

Comfortable Padding

Additionally it's the padding that makes a chair comfortable, inviting you to sit back and relax. Separating your body from the hard frame concealed beneath the upholstery, there are different intensities on offer depending on the level you require. By far the most comfortable is a sprung and belted seat base, as seen in the Arlington. A traditional method that’s retained its popularity to the level of cushioning it provides, it makes for a more generous seat depth due to the room needed for the springs. Though slightly more expensive, they’re definitely worth investing in if you’re looking to indulge.

Yet it’s the shape of the padding that makes a chair ergonomically supportive. Good quality foam layered on a wooden seat is an inexpensive alternative to sprung models, and the thicker this layer, the least likely you are to come into contact with the seat frame. Sculpted into ergonomic designs that cosset the body, it can be expertly shaped to sustain the lumbar region and cultivate healthy posture. For premium quality, the majority of our products contain high-density foam padding, as seen in the Taurus Dining Chair Black.


Padded Verdi Chairs at Walnut Table

Verdi Chair Oak & Beige

Encompassing Armrests

There’s no doubt armrests make for a more comfortable looking model, and more often than not they fulfil this promise. Allowing you to perch your elbows or rest your arms, designs like the Grafton invite you to sit back and relax. Furthermore they can prove invaluable for elderly users, providing them with increased leverage when getting in or out of the chair. Encompassing the body for additional security, they’re also a safe option for younger children who can be more likely to topple off if wriggling about.

It’s worth noting that a design with arms will be greater in width than those without, and thus they’ve traditionally been used as carver chairs at either end of the table. However wider dimensions are not necessarily a bad thing; if given a choice between a thin or broad seat, you’ll no doubt opt for the more generous model that will be less restrictive.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Feast your eyes on three of our most supportive dining chairs with armrests and see for yourself:

If you’re looking for a supportive seat, you won’t find a more expansive range than ours. Fusing ergonomic designs with years of industry experience, we’ve created a fantastic range of dining chairs that puts your needs first.


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