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Padded Breakfast Bar Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 2nd October, 2011

Long gone are the days of only being able to buy flat, hard, unyielding wooden bar stools. Advancements in technology and design have paved the way for the increasingly popular padded breakfast bar stool, which now makes up the majority of those available on the market. The advantages and benefits of such comfortable bar stools are numerous, which has helped to cement their popularity.

Why not take a look at three of our most comfortable bar stools below:

The main benefit is of course the elevated levels of comfort which a padded seat can offer. The soft padding of bar stools is made from high density foam, cosseting your body and allowing you to sink in and relax. These dense foam cushions are ergonomically formed and shaped, with a pliant nature that lets the seat mould around the body, especially the lower back really enabling a comfortable and soothing experience to make meal times all the more enjoyable.

Unlike traditional stools, many padded bar stools come with a higher backrest, often as an integral part of the overall design. This gives greater support and comfort, enabling your back to receive superb support and also allowing you to lean back and really relax as opposed to simply sitting and leaning forward onto the bar table or counter top. These tall backrests are built around wooden or metal frames for strength and rigidity.

Padded Crescent Stools at Green Bar

Padded Crescent Bar Stool Black

These padded kitchen stools are usually found with either faux leather or real leather upholstery, and come in a wide variety of shapes and qualities meaning that everybody can access them regardless of their budget. The quality of the faux leather seats can really be exceptional, with a soft touch and a finely grained surface, in turn creating a luxurious and extravagant ambiance in any kitchen or dining area. Opulent leather bar stools also provide high levels of comfort as well as offering additional durability and giving a lavish, opulent look and feel. Both of these sumptuous materials are very hard wearing and can easily be cleaned, making them ideal for high impact environments.

"The padding has additionally facilitated more intricate seat designs. The upholstery can be stitched directly into the seat to create segments, giving a quilted look that shows the padding below. Many come with grooves and panels that add to the visual impact, whilst there are also designs that use more than one colour of upholstery to create a contrasting look that really catches the eye."
Padded Stools with Stitch Detailing

The padding also results in many creative shapes, which are styled to look fashionable whilst also providing as much comfort as possible. There are those with raised side wings, some with two or three piece cushions, and many different forms such as spherical, rectangular and even ABS plastic breakfast bar stools create a unique and individual look. From retro lines to contemporary, futuristic chic, the range of padded stools is astonishing and varied, allowing you to find your perfect choice.


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