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Different Areas to Use Bar Stools

By Philippa Baker, 13th July, 2010

When people think of bar stools, they usually picture them in the kitchen lined along the worktop or breakfast bar. Whilst they’re ideal for home usage, stools are incredibly versatile designs that can be used in a myriad of different areas. Though originally intended as seating around the bar in public houses, their adaptable styling means they can now be found in a lot more places than you might think, from domestic to commercial locations.

Offering premium functionality, the gas lift mechanism on the majority of central column framed stools allows adjustable height. Usable at an array of surface heights, this gives them a marvellous multi-purpose quality far superior to other types of seating. Likewise, 360 degree swivel enables greater accessibility than that of a conventional dining chair, and some models even have wheels for enhanced mobility. Much more than a standard seat, they offer quality ergonomics along with numerous different uses which we will explore in this article.

Red Crescent Stools in Cream Kitchen

Crescent Bar Stool Red

In Our Homes

The majority of bar stools are used in the home and can be found in the kitchen. Grouped around the kitchen island, along the worktop or breakfast bar, they’re sat upon when eating meals along with a multitude of other activities. Ideally paired with bar tables or a custom built home bar area, they infuse their surroundings with a fashionable aesthetic that is undeniably inviting. Whilst there are many popular fixed height designs like the Drift, some adjustable models can also be lowered to dining table height, making great additional seating for extra guests and special occasions.

Outside of the kitchen and dining room, stools make the perfect addition to home workspaces. Providing premium functionality, the 360 swivel on designs like the Deluxe High Back means they’re ideal for use in the study, studio or craft room… even the potting shed!

In Bars & Restaurants

It will come as no surprise that the initial use for bar stools comes from where their name originates. Used to seat customers around the bar in a pub or diner setting, they saved on space by catering to single patrons who would otherwise take up a table on their own. Promoting open communication, they also allowed for users to talk easily with the barman along with other patrons, resulting in longer stays and enhanced sales.

Now found at elevated surfaces in a whole range of eateries, from cafés and coffee shops to restaurants and nightclubs, commercial bar stools are widely used instead of, or as well as, chairs. Cool and contemporary in appearance, designs like the Ascot are often chosen to enhance the chic style of modern establishments.


Stools With Legs in Nightclub

Bar Stools With Legs

In Medical Practices

Did you know opticians, dentists, and a whole host of medical practitioners also use stools on a daily basis? Favouring low models with a five-spoke nylon castor base, the mobility of wheels allows professionals to manoeuvre round their patient with ease to effectively administer treatment.

With the addition of adjustable height, they can find an ergonomic and comfortable seating position to work at, no matter the height or size of the patient. An ideal example is the Swivel Stool with Back, a marvellously multi-purpose design that enables optimum accessibility.

On Exhibition Stands

On exhibition stands, bar stools are used by sales reps to help them connect with customers. If the sales rep were sat on a chair, passers-by would be looking down at them as they walked past and communication would be somewhat stunted due to the difference in height. Conversely, seating them on a high stool puts them at eye level with passers-by, making it easier to engage them in conversation and ultimately make a sale.

Chosen by exhibitors for their modern look, the aim is that the trendy appeal of products like the Padded Crescent will draw customers in. What’s more, they can even be bought in corporate colours for a memorable and complementary appearance.


Coco Bar Stools at Exhibition Stand

Gloss Coco Bar Stool Black

In Reception Areas

Waiting rooms with a central reception desk will often feature bar stools too. Take a hotel lobby for example, where the main counter is typically quite high. If hotel staff are not standing, they will sit on high stools to position them at eye-level with guests, the elevated height preventing people from having to look down over the counter at the staff.

Allowing easier communication with customers, designs like Eve ensure both parties are on equal footing and that the guests feel properly catered for. With an encompassing backrest and padded seat, it provides much-needed support for long periods of usage alongside a sleek and stylish look.

In Beauty & Hair Salons

Popular with hair stylists, beauticians and nail technicians, the type of stool used will depend on the type of salon along with the seat’s intended user. Seats for customers to sit on during their treatment tend to be generously padded with a high comfortable backrest, as seen in the Polaris. A gas lift mechanism will allow the stylist to move it up and down in accordance with the height of the customer. On the other hand, those for the use of technicians and stylists will be similar to those of medical practitioners. Versatile low stools with wheels are often preferred, enabling users to glide across the salon with ease. Again, variable height is crucial so they can adjust the elevation to their individual height for an ergonomic working position.

Yet they’re not only chosen for their practicality; they're also popular in salon settings due to their trendy modern ambience. Why not read our article on beauty salons on what to look for when purchasing seating for such establishments.


White Stools at Nail Bar Salon

For Work & Business

From factories, production lines and packing halls to banks, airports and shop checkouts, stools are used in a wide variety of commercial workplaces. Permitting workers to sit down, they provide a less tiring and demanding alternative. Combined with variable height that enables each user to find the ideal ergonomic position for them, these exceedingly practical seats consequently result in a better working performance. Plus whilst a conventional chair could limit movement and restrict operation, the 360 swivel on models like the Lush allows optimum mobility and functionality.

Additionally they’re perfectly suited for those in the creative industry - including illustrators, tailors, architects and graphic designers - who are often sat at elevated drawing boards.

On TV Sets

Last but by no means least, did you know our bar stools feature on a vast array of television programmes? From daytime chat to quick-fire quizzes, sensational soaps to increasingly popular reality TV, why not browse the full list of programmes and their corresponding products.

Whilst chairs symbolise tradition and sofas exude a relaxed informal vibe, bar stools have an unmistakably glamourous feel that remains unrivalled in delivering impressive contemporary style. A great example of this is the Monza (pictured below), used on popular game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Visually pleasing, an elevated seat height fills up more of the camera shot and ensures there is no empty space on screen. Plus on shows where the main presenter is stood up, seating the contestants or guests on stools makes them equal in height for a harmonious and balanced aesthetic.


Bar Stools on TV Sets- Who Wants To Be a Millionaire


When buying seating, it pays to think carefully about what it will be used for. Is it a chair you need, or will a stool be more ideally suited? Opening up more design options than you never knew existed, why not browse our full range of bar stools and explore the variety on offer.


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