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Bar Stools for Beauty Salons

By Clemency Hitchings, 14th September, 2011

The perfect addition to any hair salon, nail bar or beauty parlour are bar stools, offering practical functionality as well as high-end style. Often purchased in multiples, the correct bar stool can bring your business to life and rejuvenate the salon environment. It’s important to remember that the comfortable type of seating you choose for your clients will differ from the more practical models you may prefer for your stylists. Yet whilst differing in purpose, style is crucial for both to ensure your business stands out from the rest. With a wide range of striking styles, shapes and materials on offer - including retro, contemporary, classic and artistic designs - you’re guaranteed to find the ideal bar stool for your salon.

Swivel Stool in Beauty Salon

Salon Stools for Clients

Comfort is key when selecting the correct salon stool for your clients, especially for those longer treatments and styling sessions. Invite clients to sit back and relax by choosing a cushioned seat, high backrest and padded armrests for optimum support. A comfortable, restful session will result in a happy customer, enticing them to come back and recommend friends. Vice versa, a model with minimal support and little padding will leave them dissatisfied, uncomfortable and unlikely to return. A stable, stationary base is also recommended, ensuring your clients remain still for those crucial styling moments.

Stools for Stylists, Beauticians and Technicians

However it isn’t just your clients that deserve the special treatment. We offer a range of practical and versatile stools perfect for stylists, beauticians and technicians alike. For hair stylists we recommend roller wheels with nylon casters on a 5 spoke base, much like those on an office chair. These allow ultimate mobility and enable you to manoeuvre into the perfect styling position, gliding over any type of floor to grab the essentials from your shelf or storeroom. Plus, many designs are backless for easy accessibility.

For stationary beauticians and technicians we recommend non-roller models which value comfort over mobility. Designs such as the Monza, Mint and Lush offer support as well as practicality, the padded backrest providing added comfort for a full days work.

Here are three stylish stools with wheels, perfect for the beauty salon:

Additional Factors Affecting your Choice

For clients and stylists alike, choose stools which operate a gas lift mechanism for adjustable height. This will enable you to effortlessly raise and lower the client according to height, allowing you to work with ease. The 360 degree swivel lets you rotate your client; complete accessibility and perfect positioning ensuring you deliver that killer look. Furthermore, swivel capabilities allow you to inspect all angles, including those hard to reach places, whilst maintaining a comfortable position for both client and stylist.

Seat material should also be taken in to account. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, real leather will deliver the unmistakable glamour of many high-end establishments. Transforming the generic into the genteel, sumptuous real leather will single-handedly set you apart from your competitors. Conversely, faux leather stools are an inexpensive alternative that keeps the opulent, premium look. More resilient to stains and harsh chemicals than genuine leather, it can be easily cleaned; simply wipe with a damp cloth should any spillages occur and brush off any residual hair. High-density foam padding in models such as the Padded Crescent, with its accommodating seat and supportive curved backrest, will ensure supreme comfort.


Woman on Stool in Nail Bar


We also offer a wide range of ergonomic styles sculpted from stylish ABS, such as the Bamboo and Gloss Coco models. Characterised by their slick sheen's, smart shapes and comely colours, they are expertly shaped to the body for excellent support. For a girlish ambience, choose pastel shades of pinks and creams that exude effeminacy, transforming your salon into a womanly wonderland. However if a more sophisticated, refined look is preferred, black and white are sleek and versatile options, infusing your salon with that designer touch. In addition, ABS resin is extremely hard-wearing, long-lasting and impact resistant, ideal for a fast paced styling environment.

Like the seat material, we recommend you choose the frame for your stools based on the overall style of your salon. If a classic look is what you’re after, wood comes in a variety of polished grains from walnut to oak, offering traditional, timeless appeal. For a hard-wearing and low maintenance alternative, select an elegant brushed steel or glossy mirrored chrome finish. Modern and minimalist, both are eye-catching and contemporary, ensuring your business is a cut above the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Treat your salon to delectable set of bar stools today, ensuring clients and stylists alike leave feeling poised, pleased and pampered.


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