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Commercial vs Domestic Bar Stools

By Clemency Hitchings, 17th February, 2014

You may be wondering what the difference is between commercial and domestic bar stools? Defined by the different locations they’re intended for, the clue is in the name. Whilst commercial designs can be found in pubs, nightclubs and a wide variety of eateries, domestic stools however are used in the home, namely in the kitchen. With different types of usage and sorts of user, they inevitably require different properties.

Ascot Bar Stool Charcoal Fabric

Ascot Bar Stool

Attributes of Commercial Stools

First and foremost, these are designed for use at commercial bars. These are higher than domestic surfaces found in the home, and hence the stools are crafted at an elevated height to match.

Secondly, they’re made to withstand heavy usage. Used by a constant stream of customers of varying weights, in busy establishments they can be sat upon all day long. Whilst at home people treat their furniture with care, unfortunately in bars and nightclubs they are prone to rough handling. Therefore to ensure commercial bar stools can withstand such treatment, they’re crafted with some key design traits in mind.

Fashioned from a stronger grade of steel, they’re engineered to guarantee they’re up to the task at hand. Durable and hardwearing, their frames are specifically designed for heavy usage and often have welded joints of increased quality. With no moving back, models like the High Ace are steadfast and secure.

Central column designs like the Lush Real Leather are set on heavier bases for strength and stability, with lower centres of gravity than standard round, domed models. This means that despite their elevated height they’re less likely to tip over if knocked, or if customers take to rocking on them. Another plus is that their weight will deter customers from attempting to rearrange them at whim.

With low maintenance wipe-clean finishes, from high gloss ABS plastic to funky faux leather, they’re ideal for environments with a prevalence of food and drink. The inevitable spillages and crumbs can easily be cleaned off, and consequently are unlikely to stain. Due to all of the above they’re typically more expensive than your standard stool, however it’s without question that you get what you pay for.

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Qualities of Domestic Stools

Intended for use in the home, they can be lined up along the kitchen worktop, island or breakfast bar. These surfaces are typically lower than in commercial establishments, and hence have lower seat heights to ensure a comfortable fit. For ease of purchase we ensure all our stools are crafted at kitchen counter height, unless stated otherwise.


Drift Stools in Domestic Kitchen

Drift Oak & Grey Bar Stool


Whilst primarily sat upon at mealtimes, bar stools are also great for everyday activities like completing homework of an evening or chopping the veg for dinner. Even so, they’re not sat upon all day and therefore do not need to be built for heavy usage. Used by friends and family, they will be treated with due care in your home and hence don’t need to be as strong as commercial models. Though crafted from a slightly thinner grade of steel, as they don’t need to withstand the same sort of heavy handling, they’re still incredibly good quality.

Another plus is that they’re considerably lighter, making it much easier to rearrange your furniture as and when you like. This is ideal if you want to move them from the worktop to the table or lounge for extra seating for special occasions or dinner parties. And what’s more they’re often cheaper, providing you with top quality stools at fabulously low cost.

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Domestic models are also more likely to have adjustable features like a gas lift mechanism, as seen in the Eve. These tend to be less popular in commercial establishments, as rowdy customers sometimes like to mess about with the variable height to play at going up and down. Also they can look somewhat untidy when left at different heights. Fixed height bar stools are therefore popular in both commercial and domestic environments, giving a neat and ordered look when lined up against a bar.

Combining the Best of Both

Over the years our aim has been to source a better quality of domestic stools, with stronger components and expert craftsmanship to rival that of commercial designs. A prime example is the ever-popular Lush, made with the strength and stability of a commercial model to ensure enhanced durability, but as a lower seat height for use in the home.


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