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Winter Kitchen & Dining Room Inspiration

By Philippa Baker, 22nd January, 2015

You’ve survived the first frost, now it’s time to bed in for a long, cold winter. When the nights are dark and icy, there’s nothing better than staying in by a warm fire with a home-cooked casserole in the oven and glass of red wine by your side. 

We spend more time in our homes during the winter than we do in any other season, so it makes sense that we make an extra effort to ensure our kitchen and dining rooms are both hibernation friendly and guest ready. Follow our five top tips to make your home even more inviting this winter...

1) Signature scent

Kitchen With Home Baking

One of the first things visitors notice when they walk through the front door is the smell. In colder months some houses can give off a subtly damp or dusty smell, which is not the welcome you want to give guests. But by using these simple tricks, you can make your home smell warm, cosy and undeniably inviting:

- Throw a few sticks of cinnamon, dried orange peel and some cloves onto the fire for a subtle and long-lasting festive fragrance.

- Light your favourite scented candle for an hour in the evening – the scent will continue to waft around the house even after the flame has gone out.

- Indulge your inner baker and pop an apple pie or some tasty gingerbread into the oven to get that home-baked aroma, which will last for hours after the last crumb has been devoured.

2) Update your furniture

Stylish Dining Room Furniture

This is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen and dining room furniture. Winter is all about entertaining and receiving visitors after all, so you may as well use it as an opportunity to show off your style.

Not only do well made, matching dining sets look great in any house, but they tell people you’re serious about hospitality and socialising.

To really make an impression, keep your dining table clean and tidy, and try your hand at creating a bespoke centrepiece which ties together the key colours and shades in the room – it’s sure to form a talking point among your guests.

3) Add some colour

Colourful Candy Chairs In The Kitchen

Candy Chair

It may be dark outside, but that’s no excuse for a dark and gloomy interior. If you’re going to be spending a lot more time in your kitchen and dining room this winter, you better make sure it’s a place you actually want to be. Why not redecorate the rooms in bright, happy colours, and fill them with furniture and accessories that you love.

Experiment with colour by adding a few bold touches; this could be a statement wall covered in a uniquely printed wallpaper, an eye-catching display of books, or some fabulous funky chairs.

Warm colours such as reds, pinks, oranges and yellows look particularly cosy during the winter months, and will brighten up any home... no matter how dark it is outside!

4) Bring the outside in

Kitchen With Winter Greenery

Winter is a beautiful season with its glittering frost, dramatic dark branches and tranquil snowy scenes. So why not bring a bit of the outdoor beauty inside?

Instead of fresh flowers, make a centrepiece out of lush evergreen branches, mistletoe and holly berries. Or simply collect a few fallen sprigs and branches to create a striking display in a glass vase.

For an extra festive touch, get creative and spray-paint a few pinecones or branches in glitzy metallic shades of gold and silver. Even better, some fake snow and a dusting of glitter will add a stylish sparkle.

5) Go green

Green Lattice Stools In The Kitchen

Green is one of the most festive colours out there, so if you’re planning to update your interiors this winter, consider a fresh pop of green.

In neutral kitchens it’s easy to update the whole room by adding an accent colour. Simply switch out a few particularly visible appliances, re-paint wooden cabinets, or introduce some trendy green bar stools in a bold hue.

When working with green, take inspiration from nature and layer up the different shades. Start with a bright neon statement piece, then accessorise with pine green accessories, mossy undertones, and of course, the real life greenery of a few winter-friendly houseplants.


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