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Interior Design Trends to Watch This Winter

By Philippa Baker, 30th December, 2014

The major design fairs are over and the bloggers have had their say. Its official - the top trends for winter 2014/2015 have now been decided!

Old style favourites such as Scandi style, colour blocking and industrial chic are still going strong, but as ever there are a few up-and-coming trends on the horizon too. As 2014 draws to a close it’s time to pay tribute to the key looks in interior design this winter, whilst starting to incorporate some fresh ideas into your own home in time for the new year.

1) Metallics

Metallic Kitchen With Crescent Bar Stools

Crescent Bar Stool


Chrome, copper, gold, bronze or iron – you name it, there’s a Pinterest board dedicated to it. This new obsession with metallic tones is arguably an extension of the industrial look, with its exposed piping and raw metal accents.

The best thing about this trend is that it’s easy and inexpensive to introduce in your home. You can get the look on a budget by simply exposing your own existing copper piping – just make sure you keep them well polished and dust free. Alternatively, invest in some traditional cast iron radiators and leave unpainted, or simply add a few brushed steel bar stools with matching appliances to your kitchen.

If your home is decorated in warm colours with yellow or pink undertones, choose copper, rose or bronze accents. Gold works best against monochrome, creams and beige tones, while silver and chrome colours are best suited for modern homes with cooler wintry palettes in blue, grey and white. Marvellously metallic, the Gloss Coco Bar Stool Silver is ideal for the latter.

2) Monochrome

Monochrome Kitchen With Black Bar Stools

Linear Bar Stool


Black and white is a classic pairing, and it’s making a serious comeback in the world of interior decorating. The clean, functional style of the monochrome look makes it perfect for rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom, while black and white chequered tiled flooring can also look great in a hallway or passage.

For a really modern take on this trend, go for edgy patterns such as dynamic chevron stripes, houndstooth or classic tartan. If you’re wary about committing fully to the monochrome look, choose a statement chair, rug or cushion in a bold black and white pattern, then keep the background décor neutral and fuss-free.

3) Clean Lines

Minimalist Clean Lined Kitchen


Scandinavian designers continue to exert their influence, with exposed wood, light white-washed walls and minimalist furniture still undeniably popular.

This season it’s all about clean lines and clutter-free furniture that's deceptively simple. Choose elegantly understated pieces finished in a single colour that don’t suffer from superfluous design details.

Practical items with hidden inner storage space offer style as well as substance. Or choose compact seating that can be stored away, like the Tuck Brushed Steel Stool, while delivering a striking straight-line silhouette they also keep your floors free of clutter.

4) Circles

Padded Crescent Stools At Circular Kitchen Island

Padded Crescent Bar Stool


Every so often, a trend develops so slowly and subtly that it takes a while for the interior design industry to catch on. A few years ago the nautical trend soared in popularity, with designers rushing to source original maritime clocks for kitchens and porthole windows for bathrooms. Then the retro movement resurfaced with its polka dots and tub chairs, before industrial style globe lighting became all the rage.

You might think these very different trends can't have much in common, but they all share a reliance on the circle motif. A classic shape which works in just about any room and style of décor, circular furniture like the Padded Crescent pictured above is pretty safe investment for the future. Check out our Love Your Curves Pinterest board to see how circles are everywhere in interior design at the moment.

5) Floor Lighting

Ambient Low Lighting


We all look better in soft lighting, and vice versa about 30 years older under the bluish glare of an LED spotlight. Finally designers have started to take notice and the latest lighting trend is all about floor lamps and less about ceiling lights.

Floor lamps add a soft, romantic hue to any room and cast wintry shadows along the walls for added atmosphere. What’s more, they give you much more control over the level of brightness in your room – keep all the bulbs blazing while you read or work, then strategically turn off a few lamps to create a relaxed and ambient vibe. It’s 2015’s answer to the dimmer switch!

Without bulky light fittings you’re also free to experiment with the look of your ceiling. In the bedroom try draping swathes of silk fabric in tight pleats along the ceiling, or why not paint clouds, birds, airplanes or stars onto the blue ceiling of a child’s room?

Feeling inspired? Let us know which emerging trends you're embracing in your home.


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