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Return of Fabric to Stools & Chairs

By Danielle Somerfield, 23rd April, 2014

It's fair to say that in recent years we've witnessed a revival in furniture design, with an increasing number of seating upholstered in fabric. Having a significant impact on contemporary decor, they've become a popular alternative to the real or faux leather bar stools and chairs that have dominated the market for numerous years.

Fabric And Colour Swatches


This rapid increase in the production of these designs could be due to a variety of factors. One of the main advantages of fixed height fabric bar stools is their ability to include a sprung and belted seat area that gives sumptuous comfort and support beyond the density of the padding. In addition, textile material is breathable and subsequently it does not retain much heat whilst seated. And finally, it has the ability to play host to a spectrum of different colours and types of patterns that are generally not possible with leather styles in solid shades.


Sprung And Belted Seats


The return of fabric first became prominent amongst dining chairs, and evidence suggests that bar stools are starting to follow suit. Reasoning for this could be that more people are using their domestic bars as their main dining space as opposed to simply a casual breakfast area. Additionally, an increasing number of restaurants are now using bar tables as dining tables, meaning a more formal style of high seat is required.

However, before material gained widespread popularity it was fixed height wooden frames that began to slowly replace a number of the typical metal structures. Initially used alongside leather-seated products, the employment of wood reunited rooms with a rustic and classic touch. Following this introduction, it became evident that material covered seats were gradually being utilised alongside the wood, marking a distinct change in recent decorative preferences.

Simultaneously exuding a traditional and luxurious look, the two materials have now become one of the most common combinations in both our expanding stool and chair ranges. We have a wide variety of woven seat designs featuring eye-catching colours and patterns, as well as a huge number of more minimal shades. From the majestic Knightsbridge Stool reinvigorating bar areas with its comfortably padded seat, to the Drift adding a touch of contemporary class, it seems that fabric is most definitely here to stay.


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