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Back to School Time

By Philippa Baker, 23rd August, 2014

There’s no doubt those with kids are well underway with the annual back to school preparations. From the obligatory trek round the school uniform shops in search of blazers, ties and shiny new shoes, to the more fun buys like bags, stationary and customised pencil cases, you’ll most likely have ticked the more obvious buys off the list. But have you considered furniture?

Back To School


A pleasant workspace can have a real beneficial effect on a child and their attitude to education, whatever school year they’re in. A fun, relaxed environment in which to complete their homework will mean they’re much more likely to knuckle down and give their studies the time required. It’s proven a comfortable chair and adequate desk space can result in a positive attitude, greater concentration and hence enhanced productivity.

You may wish to invest in a new office chair to give your child that extra encouragement. No matter their age, a low maintenance seat material like faux leather with an easy wipe clean surface is always wise, as seen in the Rochelle Office Chair. Highly durable by nature, faux leather is unlikely to stain or scratch, and what’s more it comes in a myriad of bright colours that are always popular with younger users.


Office Chairs At Student Desk


Yet whilst it’s key the seat is comfortable and provides ample support for your child, it’s just as important they like the look of it too. Why not let them choose? They’ll be much more inclined to sit in it regularly, ultimately getting those assignments in on time. If they’re put off by the formal work-like look of the traditional office chair, retro or replica designs with a more stylised appearance like the groovy Skyline are sure to be a hit.

Or if you’re looking for something really original, our much sought after Funky Chairs could be just the ticket with a wide range of trendy colourful designs available. It’s highly likely that the required chair will go in the corner of your child’s bedroom at a desk or small table, and therefore it’s key it can be used for various fun activities in addition to study. Popular models like the Clementine are brilliantly multi-purpose, ideal for watching TV, arts and crafts projects, playing on the x-box or simply chilling with mates.


Clementine Chair Grey

Clementine Chair


It’s well known that a crowded or visually busy environment can be off-putting, so you should see that your child’s workspace is distraction free to ensure they can focus on the task at hand. The first way to aid this is to choose a compact model that will fit comfortably in the space available. If it’s to be used in their bedroom, or even in a small study, slim yet stylish designs like the Faith Brushed Chair White are sure to succeed.

Another thing to consider when buying seating for kids is that chairs without wheels or swivel capabilities are more likely to prevent distraction and the inevitable messing about. Whilst completely stationary, bright and beautiful designs like the Candy are an excellent choice.


Chair With Books


Finally if you haven’t got one already, a desk or small table will undoubtedly prove to be another smart investment for your child’s education. Having a dedicated workspace they can call their own will ensure they have adequate room to spread out their books, stationary, laptop or other learning aids. If seated at the dining table or family desk, it’s likely they’ll end up having to move their things in accordance with meal times or the needs or other family members; whereas an undisturbed study space will guarantee optimum concentration and productivity.

The cool contemporary Alton is a great example, promoting a neat and tidy environment with handy drawers for organised storage.


Alton Desk With Eames Chair


So, are you all ready? With a snazzy new chair and dedicated workspace, your kids are sure to avoid the back to school blues.


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