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The Beauty of Wooden Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 13th July, 2011

A tried and tested material, wood has been used for centuries to craft an innumerable number of items. What makes it so appealing is the ease in which is can be cut and the array of beautiful shapes that can be sculpted from it. Vastly popular due to its durable qualities and natural beauty, it has a charming quality that exudes a homely warmth and timeless glow wherever it’s placed. Once a constant staple in interior design, it fell out of fashion in the 90s; as oak kitchens declined in use, as did their matching stools. Yet in recent years there has been a total revival and wood is once again highly sought after with the rise of classic décor, country chic and rustic farmhouse trends.

"Whilst wooden bar stools once meant conventional four-legged frames, this is now no longer the case. Though traditional models have retained their popularity, there has also been an influx of fabulous new styles using state-of-the-art technological processes to bring you the very latest designs."
Oslo Oak Stool at Kitchen Island

Oslo Oak Bar Stool

Physical Properties

A naturally strong and durable material, wood makes for incredibly hard-wearing and resilient bar stools that will last a long time. Characteristically dependable, it ages well with worn or rubbed areas simply developing an elegant sheen that gives it all the more character. Lacquered or laminated finishes have a clear coat that protects the surface from scratching and spillages. Highly practical models, their wipe clean surface allows quick and easy maintenance.

Unlike metal stools that may have sharper edges, wooden frames have a smoother, gentler surface making them favourable for your floors. The majority do not come with floor protectors, for the simple reason that they’re not needed on most hard floor surfaces like stone, granite and ceramic tiles. However if you have a soft floor, made of bamboo for example, we would recommend you invest in felt protectors for the underside of the legs to be on the safe side.

Aesthetic Qualities

Available in a variety of different types from oak to walnut, each has its own signature style that distinguishes it from the rest. Exuding a warm homely vibe, oak has a rustic country feel and organic charm that makes it a firm favourite with many. Conversely walnut is darker and richer in appearance, with a more ornate and mature look to it that has been reclaimed in many modern kitchen designs. The array of natural grains gives each piece of furniture its own individuality, whilst the various shades of stains – for example light, mid or dark oak – illustrate the wealth of options wood presents.

There are also a number of finishes that can be utilised for different effects. Whilst polished surfaces exude a sleek glossy sheen, for a more natural appearance you may prefer a smooth oiled finish that’s equally attractive. Our products also use coloured painted lacquer for a clean-cut, contemporary feel, as seen in the Apres. Whilst black provides a chic, elegant look that’s always in style, white delivers a crisp, fresh radiance that’s a must for minimalist interiors.

There’s no doubt that wooden bar stools work beautifully with traditional kitchens with matching cabinets, but did you know they can enhance modern settings with trendy state-of-the-art décor just as well. Take Scandinavian style interiors for example, their simple colour palettes effortlessly complimented by rustic wooden framed furniture, as seen in the Drift (seen above).

Modern Styling

With the advancements in technology, a whole host of exciting new designs have been made available. There’s been an influx of contrasting materials, where wood has been combined with a variety of different textures for an assortment of practical and aesthetic reasons. For example if you require a stool on which to sit for extended periods, you may prefer a model with a little more padding than a hard seat offers. Therefore why not choose a wooden frame with a high-density foam seat in fabric or leather, as seen in sumptuously cushioned products like the Amazon. Delivering the best of both worlds, they put your comfort first whilst maintaining the natural look.

With the evolution in kitchen design, there has been a demand for stools to match contemporary appliances and worktops. This has resulted in wooden seats being paired with ultra-modern metallic frames in mirrored chrome and brushed steel, for a sublime fusion of materials to catch the eye. Not only does metal deliver a chic futuristic look, but single stem frames make a multitude of things possible. With a host of fabulous features, the Eve (pictured below) is a classic example that boasts a gas lift mechanism for adjustable height and 360 degree swivel capabilities for optimum accessibility.

Also modeled by the Eve is the introduction of bentwood, its high-pressure moulding method allowing for the intricate crafting of stunning curved shapes and designs. A form of plywood is often used which is laminated which enables it to bend easily, whilst retaining its strength, creating impressive ergonomic stools that encompass the body for added support. Contrasting colours are another feature utilised for striking visual flair. Dark walnut and cream faux leather work in perfect unison to create a stunning two tone effect that will enhance the look of any interior, as seen in the Harper (pictured above).


Stylish Wooden Stools in Kitchen with Eames Chairs

Eve Wooden Bar Stool Black


Interested in your own stylish natural stool? Why not browse our full collection of wooden bar stools below, and see for yourself the vast range we have on offer.

The uses of wood are endless and there is no doubt this timeless material is here to stay. Furthermore you can rest easy, as all of our wooden products are sustainably sourced, obtained from environmentally managed forests that are cyclically replanted.


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