Oak Bar Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 13th November, 2011

With a natural beauty characteristic of the wood family, oak bars stools have an undeniable charm that makes them highly sought after for two key reasons. A truly premium wood, they boast numerous practical qualities that makes them ideally suited to withstand everyday use in the home. But what’s more, they’re also full of character, much loved for their ability to create a warm homely aesthetic in any interior setting.

Oslo Oak Stools at Oak Bar Area

Oslo Oak Bar Stool

Signature Strength

Prized for its core strength and hardwearing nature, oak has been used across the ages to build all manner of things, from old ships to timber-framed houses, along with a myriad of different types of furniture. Durable and resilient, it makes for strong, sturdy stools and is therefore ideal for busy, high-impact environments like the typical bar area. Largely resistant to, scratches and scrapes, it can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth should also spillages or sticky crumbs occur.

Without doubt, the toughest kind of wooden stools are those crafted from solid oak. However if you’re shopping on a budget, you may prefer to opt for a solid wooden frame with an attractive oak finish, proving equally inviting. Whichever you select, the majority come with a clear varnished finish for a nicely natural sheen, as seen in the Oslo.

Yet whilst being remarkably hardwearing, it is still softer than many modern manufactured materials like metal. Much less likely to mark or scratch flooring, wooden bar stools can be used on every surface, from carpets to tiles to plain floorboards.

Oak Tree from Underside

Providing a Versatile Look

Simple oak frames have an organic appeal and rustic charm that will add warmth and character to any interior. Renowned for their homely ambience, traditional four-legged fixed height models are ideal for creating a pastoral feel in country cottage or farmhouse style kitchens. Classic backless designs are modest and timeless, however a matching backrest can be introduced for extra support when seated.

Check out our bestselling backless oak stools:

Effortlessly versatile, oak can also be paired with a variety of other materials. This opens up a wealth of new style possibilities, creating a broader mix of looks to suit a variety of interiors. For example, a fabric, faux or real leather seat pad is often chosen for the comfort factor. Cushioned with high-density foam padding, many customers find this a preferable alternative to a hard wooden seat when sitting for extended periods of time.

Cushioned Wave Bar Stools In Kitchen

Wave Bar Stool White

In addition, some designs possess a cushioned backrest as well as a seat pad, as seen in the Cornell. Letting users sit back and relax in style, these move away from the minimal, rustic look to offer more of a classic and opulent aesthetic.

Here are our most popular oak stools with backrests:

Of recent years, oak seats have been paired with modern metallic frames for striking contrast as well as enhanced functionality. The addition of a gas lift mechanism contained within the central column metal frame not only allows for variable height, but also 360 degree swivel. Delivering optimum adaptability and ease of usage, these let each user adjust the stool to their individual needs.

Combining past and present with undeniable success, a great example of this is the Crest Oak Stool. Ergonomically crafted in a trendy curved shape, the gently arcing oak finished backrest provides enhanced comfort at the same time as a more modern look. Crafted in two stylish parts, the backrest is complemented by a cushioned grey fabric that’s sits atop a gently curving oak underside.

Another prime example is our immensely popular Eve, illustrating just how much the oak bar stool has evolved over time. Along with a comfy faux leather seat pad, its trendy bentwood backrest encompasses the body for that feeling of security and support.

Modern Oak Stools in Oak Kitchen

Whether you’d prefer a traditional or more contemporary design, our full range of bar stools boast a variety of styles to cater for all types of interior setting.

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