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The Appeal of Brown Bar Stools

By Clemency Hitchings, 27th December, 2012

At Atlantic Shopping, we’ve seen the popularity of brown bar stools increase dramatically over the past five years, and it’s easy to see why. Made by combining the primary colours, it goes well with almost any colour scheme. Thanks to its neutral tone and warm, homely charm, this hard working shade is fast becoming a favourite in home furnishing design. And with its dark hue, forgiving to stains and spills; it’s the ideal colour choice for bar stools.

A Range of Great Designs and Shades

With our expansive collection of brown bar stools, you’ll have hundreds of combinations to pick from. Often associated with natural textures and shades, brown is the perfect choice for a timeless model like the Lush Real Leather Brushed Stool. And alongside other natural elements like wood, it offers a real rustic charm.

Today, updated designs are bringing this classic colour firmly into the twenty-first century. Models like the Sole Wooden Stool combine a bold aesthetic with this neutral tone, allowing you to go for a more contemporary design that could be over-powering in a brighter shade.

And there’s a huge range of hues available to suit all tastes. From coffee to copper, there’s a shade to flatter any look. Rich chocolate-like hues can be found across our range, bringing a wealth of sensory depth to the bar area. Alternatively, taupe has gained momentum in recent times. This creamy, coffee-like colour is softer than other shades, offering a more contemporary look, while its neutral appeal helps it to blend into a whole host of locations.


Shades of Brown Fabric

Ways to Use Brown Bar Stools

It couldn’t be easier to incorporate these versatile models into your interior. Why not use chocolate-toned stools to accentuate similar shades, like wooden beams, cabinets or furniture. Or, introduce earth-coloured models into an otherwise light room to bring a sumptuous depth to your look. Perfect combined with cream, this pairing offers a rich, marbled look. Or, for a vibrant look, couple your stools with brighter accessories. Brown looks stunning alongside the likes of mustard, terracotta and even turquoise, so don’t be afraid to have fun with your choices.

Finally, brown is often used to compliment kitchen fittings. Many like to match the colour of their stools to their worktop, using the cabinets for contrast. Unlike cream, its varying shades don’t tend to clash. In fact, if anything, this clever colour compliments similar hues. For example, designs in chocolate tones look stunning in walnut-themed kitchens, where the mutually earthy tones feed off each other to produce an inviting aesthetic. So, whether your kitchen features Baltic granite, brown laminate or wood, consider choosing matching stools to form a fabulous partnership.


"While darker colours like black and brown are a natural fit for more spacious rooms, stools in this shade are great for the space-savvy too. Use brown models to incorporate this rich colour into your home, and you’ll reap all the benefits of their warm tones without making your space feel too small."

If you’re after a versatile bar stool that’s not too bright, why not take a look at our Neutral Bar Stools? Or, you can view all of our stools below.


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