Bright Bar Stools

By Philippa Baker, 2nd April, 2013

Traditionally, home-owners opted to match the colour of their kitchen stools with that of their cabinets, creating a neat and consistent look. In recent years, however, fashion has veered towards the unorthodox and nowadays it is not uncommon to find kitchens where heavy contrasts are the order of the day. A bright colour adds freshness and energy to a room, providing it with life and character.

"The kitchen is such a fun space for experimentation, whether via cooking or in the design of the room itself. Bright bar stools stand out as a result of their colourful appearances and natural ability to bring levity to a given location. Versatile in every sense, they're great for lending definition to laid back locations and adding brightness to modern, gloss white interiors."
Choosing Bright Colours for the Kitchen


Bright colours were traditionally reserved for our high gloss ABS plastic bar stools, such as the popular Gloss Coco Bar Stools. However, more recently, strong colours have been embraced by our faux leather and even real leather designs. While faux leather's natural receptiveness to dyes means it's surprising only that it didn't embrace bright colours sooner, real leather unearths the luxury of any colour.


Bright Coloured Leather Swatches


Four years ago, pink was hugely popular and was the first bright colour to take off in terms of bar stool designs. Playful and effeminate, its warmth would help to create a positive mood. Indeed, pink is known for its calming qualities - something which comes into its own within the often chaotic kitchen environment. More recently, purples, oranges and greens have emerged as front runners in the fashion stakes. Paired together, they bounce off each other with a mix of zest and depth.

Such stools have become enormously popular over the last two years, and reflect a growing trend for pop colours. Red, orange and green bar stools encourage you to express yourself and offer fabulous accents when placed in austere or understated kitchen spaces. Consider, for example, combining one of our red stools with a selection of appliances, and marvel at the effects of peppering such a colour throughout your home.

Meanwhile, yellow is a vibrant and stimulating colour that is ideal for the kitchen, waking you up at breakfast in the morning, or creating a lively setting for entertaining in the evening. Back in 2010, yellow bar stools only really existed in ABS plastic, but in 2018 this colour saw a rise in popularity and faux leather options were becoming readily available. Now, deeper shades like mustard are adding warmth and interest to the bar area in fabric and velvet upholstery.


Bright Red Stools in Large Kitchen

Gloss Coco Bar Stool Red


Bright stools are typified by polished chrome finishes, helping to give even the most funky of designs a classic look. Of course, if a modern design is what you wish to go for, our gas lift bar stools work well in combining fashion with technical ingenuity, making them popular all-rounders.

Of course, the dominance of a bright colour is influenced by a number of different factors. In a smaller room, it can prove defining, which is why it pays to go bold. By contrast, in a large room or an open plan space, it can be easy to seamlessly introduce an eye catching accent colour without creating a distraction.

When it comes to creating a strong look for your living space, few things prove quite as influential as colour. With our bright bar stools, you can explore the potential of any colour within the comforts of your own home.


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