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Retro Dining Chairs

By Adrian Higgins, 12th November, 2012

At Atlantic Shopping, we believe in the importance of understanding home furniture. As a result of this, we're keen to produce designs which reflect our love of the past, in order to better inform the designs of the future. Our retro dining chairs adopt numerous guises and adhere to this ethos. United by high standards of quality and comfort, these popular items offer all the advantages of modern age while keeping one eye firmly on history.

"Furniture design was really taking off in the mid 20th Century. The minds of the time sought to blend comfort with seriously cool aesthetics. This simple yet effective desire produced some iconic furniture alongside an ethos that has continued to resonate."
Green and Chrome Classic Car


Retro dining furniture is commonly associated with colour, and many of our designs embrace the colour palette. Items such as the Candy Chair are structurally simple yet burst with vibrancy and vintage vigour. The Candy Chair (pictured below) is particularly notable for its stackable capacities. Cost-effective and easy to store away, it encourages you to pair contrasting shades like green and purple, giving way to an 80s twist.


80s Style Green Candy Dining Chair

Candy Dining Chair Green


Alternatively, gloss designs achieve the dual feat of being both retro and resolutely modern. Possessing a timelessness that belies their strong look, these dateless chairs will look forever young.

Our Sherwood Chair (pictured below) offers a playful alternative to traditional dining chairs, and is certain to make a laid back statement at any dining table. Indeed, you can use retro dining chairs to make a playful statement. Arguably more versatile than our popular funky chairs, these items impart colossal bursts of visual cool while retaining all of their functionality.


Retro White Sherwood Dining Chair

Sherwood Dining Chair White


Our range of Eames dining chairs is generous in scope and has proven highly popular with customers. Modelled on the iconic works of their American namesakes, these designs succeed in both comforting the body and catching the eye. Items like the Eames Style Wooden Chair Satin White (pictured below) are particularly notable for their uncanny similarity to the real thing.

Sometimes the retro effect is more subtle, and occasionally our designs will weave old fashioned design traits into otherwise contemporary models. Buttoned seats conjure a sense of warmth and nostalgia in addition to being cosy and comfortable. This kind of look is perfect if you're looking to fleck your dwellings with a sense of the distinguished, without the commitment of a full makeover. Dramatic yet adaptable, these items are built to impress.


Eames Wood and White Chairs at Tables


Bring your home into the future by taking a step into the past, and embrace the lure of retro dining chairs.


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