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Luxury Kitchen Stools

By Philippa Baker, 30th April, 2013

When redesigning your kitchen, seating will most likely be the last thing you come to buy. Defined by their premium quality components paired with unique stylised design, luxury kitchen stools will without doubt add the ultimate finishing touch to your interior. The two combined deliver a first-class model with a spectrum of lavish attributes, all at the ideal seat height for use at the kitchen work surface.

"One of the first things you notice when you walk into the room, your stools will form a focal point, shaping the way you view the interior as a whole. Luxurious models are a simple way to inject glamour and flair to enhance the overall look of the room. Enriching your usability experience as a whole, they will aid your use of the kitchen by allowing you and your guests to get the most out of it."
Lush Real Leather Brushed Steel Stools

Lush Real Leather Brushed Steel Stool Black

Using the Finest Materials

Moving away from the budget range, these exceptional designs use higher grade and often more expensive materials. When upholstering the seat, a better quality of faux leather is employed that is hard to distinguish from the genuine article, as seen in the Chateau, opposite. A cut above the rest, the faux exhibits a beautiful stitching along with upgraded padding in the form of ergonomically sculpted high-density foam.

Yet many luxury models use real leather itself, its sumptuous feel and recognisable smell exuding a real upmarket elegance. Great statement pieces, they’re ideal for perking up unfussy or austere décor with their trademark glamour and opulence.

Beautifully crafted metalwork also plays a key role in giving kitchen stools a truly lavish look. With an elegant muted sheen, brushed steel frames boast a unique hand-worked finish that takes more time to create than mirrored chrome. Exhibiting a chic designer appeal, it has a more sophisticated and refined appearance, and hence a corresponding price tag. Specifically manufactured to match modern kitchen appliances, it projects a sleek uniform aesthetic.

Solid heavier bases with a flat rather than domed shape are also a contributing factor in luxury models. Less likely to wobble at elevated heights, they provide increased stability for unbeatable efficiency. The Lush Real Leather Brushed Stool (pictured above) is a prime example, combining real leather, brushed steel and a sturdy flat square base for a truly superior seating experience. Another great advantage is that flat bases have ultra soft felt pads to look after your floor.

Another favourite that has stood the test of time, wood allows for an abundance of exquisitely crafted designs that will compliment an array of wooden kitchen cabinets. Always a bestseller, solid oak is characteristically more sought after than a standard wooden finish, delivering enhanced durability and solidity that is ideal in high-impact kitchen environments. Making for quality long-lasting furniture that is exudes a natural yet robust look, as modelled by the Drift.


Oslo Oak Stools in Kitchen

Oslo Oak Bar Stool

Premium Design and Craftsmanship

The continued usage and popularity of the kitchen has prompted designers to come up with new ways of reviving and improving old seating. As such, classic ideals of deluxe furniture have been revitalised and reimagined to keep up with the demands of modern living along with the latest interior trends. Renowned for their chair-like comfort, condensed into a slimline design at worktop height, luxury kitchen stools are marked by their exclusive stylish designs and opulent craftsmanship.


Real Leather Stitching Work


Visibly displaying the time that has been taken in both the design and manufacturing stages, many boast smooth welded frames rather than separate joints, as seen in the Leah. Not only is this stronger and more stable, but as you can’t see the join it presents a smoother and more continuous appearance for a sumptuously sleek aesthetic. In addition, footrests are typically more stylised, with sleek shapes, providing enhanced support for your feet.

Did you know we designed a number of the stools in our range making them unique to us? When surveying the market we found there were numerous cheaper stools available, yet it was severely lacking in terms of deluxe models that provided that something extra. Realising the need for elevated kitchen seating that delivered outstanding comfort, style and endurance, it was with much pride that we launched the Real Leather Crescent Bar Stool, amongst others.

Upgrading the basic Crescent design, this popular model utilises dense padding upholstered in plush real leather, with an encompassing backrest that cossets and cushions the body. Furthermore, the highly stylised and substantially sized footrest provides optimum support, whilst the brushed steel frame and flat base ensure premium solidity and security.

But don’t take our word for it. Feast your eyes on our bestselling luxury kitchen stools and see for yourself the quality on offer:

It only takes a couple of choice purchases to create that wow factor in your home, and we’re proud to say that our fabulous range of kitchen stools count themselves among them.


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