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Advantages of Leather Bar Stools

By Philippa Baker, 2nd August, 2013

People are now sat on stools for longer than ever before. Versatile and multipurpose, they’re not just used in bar areas but at kitchen worktops and the like for preparing dinner, watching TV, completing homework, as well as a multitude of other activities. Consequently, a comfortable padded seat is required to give you the support needed to sit for extended periods. Comfort is especially key in commercial environments, from casinos to bars, where owners wish to entice their patrons to stay for the longest amount of time possible, therefore generating the most revenue.

Leather is ideally suited for use in bar stools due to its enduring durability. From the fast-paced kitchens to bustling bars, they’re designed for messy environments subject to copious amounts of food and drink. Unlike more refined dining environments, stools are more casual and hence people don’t take as much care will crumbs and spillages. This is intensified in commercial settings due to extreme heavy use, and the increased likelihood of wear and tear due to rough handling.

"A timeless material with enduring popularity, leather has numerous advantages and is used in approximately 80% of our bar stools. Whether you prioritise comfort or are simply looking for that signature style, it’s a luxurious material that’s soft, chic and characteristically warm to the touch."
Lush Leather Brushed Stool at Kitchen Bar

Lush Brushed Steel Bar Stool Black

Why are the majority of bar stools upholstered in faux leather?

There are three fabulous types of leather available, but by far the most dominant in our range is faux due to the inherent nature of where stools are used. Ideally suited to busy kitchen or rowdy bar environments, it has a water repellent and wipe clean surface, meaning spillages can be easily mopped up. Designed for intense usage, faux is fade, stain and scratch resistant making it an immensely practical and low maintenance choice.

Not only is it an inexpensive alternative to real leather, but faux has a whole host of unique benefits. A synthetic material, its exterior provides a regular, even and blemish free surface for a uniform look. Due to its stretchy nature it won’t crease or pucker, ensuring its perfect for use on round or more unconventionally shaped seats. Its man-made nature also means it can be dyed much more easily, making a diversity of vibrant colours possible, as seen in the Lush (pictured above).

What's so great about genuine leather?

If you’re after a real luxury item with an upmarket, designer look, we recommend you browse our range of stunning real leather stools. Typically boasting a slightly higher price tag, they’re great if you’re seeking an opulent or statement piece. With its recognisable smell and distinctive feel, genuine leather delivers a truly sumptuous seating experience, and as no two animal hides are the same, each stool exhibits its own unique finish.

Just like skin it has pores, allowing it to breathe and change temperature with your body. Ideal for those who suffer with allergies or asthma, it doesn’t hold dust like fabric and is remarkably resilient to dust mites. Known for its durability it’s unlikely to peel or crack, whilst any worn spots on the seat develop a burnished sheen that only makes it softer and more attractive with age. Safer than the majority of other soft upholstery, it’s resistant to heat and fire, making it an exceedingly practical option. Why not check out the Leah, a beautiful model that’s enriched by its plush cushioned seat.

Where does bonded leather come into it?

Immensely popular, bonded leather boasts the best of both worlds and is subsequently a widely used bar stool material. Crafted from between 10-20% genuine fibres, these form the base layer and are then coated with a sleek vinyl topping. Many have an antiqued finish for an authentic lustre as seen in Ascot Bar Stool Cream, a classic example of a chic looking surface that’s padded for comfort.


Person Cutting Leather


With an abundance of boundless benefits, it’s clear that leather is a perfect match for bar stools, whichever type you choose to go for.

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