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Hobby Craft Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 13th June, 2014

There are a myriad of arts and crafts activities out there, for which seating is vital. From painting to pottery to model-making, the majority of creative pastimes often involve sitting for extended periods of time. Being a hobby undertaken for enjoyment purposes, the last thing you is want is a bad back. Providing quality comfort as well as first-class functionality, stools make the ideal accompaniment to a wide range of artistic pursuits. Yet different hobbies require stools with different attributes, which we will explore below.

Coloured Threads for Hobby Crafts

Practical in Design

A key reason why stools are often better suited to craft activities than chairs is due to the addition of a gas lift mechanism in the central column, enabling adjustable height. Different hobbies require different seat heights, and hence this mechanism allows multiple working positions depending on the elevation required. For example if painting a large canvas propped on an easel, you can lower the stool to work on the bottom half of the canvas, and then raise it to reach the top half.


Artist on Stool


Whether you work in a studio, workshop or even the garden shed, desks and workbenches come at various heights. Stools with adjustable height can be adapted in accordance with the surface you’re working at, preventing you from having to stoop, slouch or stretch, which will help minimise back pain. Their first class functionality gives you optimum flexibility, so even if you change workbenches at any point, your stool can be tailored to fit. Designs like the Deluxe High Back are ideal, ranging from kitchen worktop down to dinner table height.

Another handy feature that makes stools ideally suited to a wide range of hobbies is the ability to swivel. Allowing easy accessibility, you can rotate and reach your tools and materials - from paint brushes to superglue - with ease. Or for optimum mobility, you may wish to select a design with a five-spoke nylon caster base. Stools that have wheels are great if you’re working at multiple desks or equipment that is spread around the room, allowing you to glide effortlessly across your workspace. However it’s worth noting that whilst these are great on hard flooring, they’re not quite as fluid on carpet.

Models fashioned from durable, low maintenance materials are also a wise choice. Easy clean surfaces like ABS plastic and faux leather are ideal, as spillages can simply be wiped off, the Serena is a great example of this.


Hobby Craft Pencils and Paintbrushes

Optimising Your Comfort

As creative hobbies like knitting or card-making require extended periods of sitting, it’s vital that the stool is comfortable. Quality cushioning in the form of high-density foam padding - as modelled by the Grid - is immensely popular, as a comfortable seat will mean you can craft for longer stretches of time.

Whether you require a model with a backrest or one without will largely depend on the nature of the hobby. If leaning forward over an easel or desk, then a backrest would not get much usage. Similarly, it could prove restrictive for an activity like carpentry where you may need to move around your creation. For more mobile pastimes, backless bar stools like Oslo are recommended. Yet many value the support and enhanced comfort stools with backrests provide, plush designs like the Lush enticing you to sit for longer stretches.

A footrest is another practical feature for working at elevated height. Expertly positioned as a supportive perch for the feet, it will help keep you comfortable whilst crafting.

Here at Atlantic we have a team of highly skilled creatives of various disciplines, and therefore we understand the need to find the correct seating to facilitate a range of artistic pursuits. Check out our best hobby and craft stools:

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