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Adjustable Dining Chairs

By Adrian Higgins, 4th June, 2013

If you're on the hunt for furniture that offers real flexibility, be sure to check out the wealth of adjustable dining chairs on offer. These practical designs merge style with convenience, making it easy for you to revel in the joys of food while remaining mobile. Trading in classic four legged silhouettes for crisp chrome finishes and circular bases, these designs re-invent traditional designs while retaining all of the attributes that have given dining furniture its lasting and continuous appeal.

Below are three stylish adjustable chairs, perfect for any space:


Our adjustable chairs bridge the gap between classic chairs and contemporary bar stools. Borrowing equally from each archetype, they're perfect for those who wish to unite the best of both worlds. The majority of our adjustable dining chairs combine conventional features like padded seats with gas lift mechanisms with 360 degree swivel features. Combined, such functions enable you to move freely without leaving your seat. The advantages to this are numerous, but above all, this fusion creates furniture that's appropriate for near-universal use. This makes adjustable furniture perfect for those who regularly find themselves entertaining family and friends, as the designs can be easily tailored for personal use.


Dining Chair Hydraulic Column


Gas lift dining chairs like the Macy Stool Chair Black can be adjusted by 10cm at a time. As the height of your chairs dictates the comfort factor, this leniency allows the Macy to emerge as one of our most ergonomic dining chairs. Ideal for the entire family, this design can be controlled via a lever beneath the seat. Supportive and hugely comfortable, the chair is ideal for keeping you content over extended periods, ranging from lazy lunches to drawn-out dinner parties. The Macy's timeless look and numerous features also allow it to double up as an occasional chair, making it a graceful addition to the corner of living rooms and more.

These designs are similarly appropriate for those who enjoy partaking in the likes of hobby crafts. From model railways to playing music, adjustable chairs represent a simple and effective alternative to basic stools. Allowing you to turn with ease, they provide a great vantage point, allowing you to make the very most of your chosen hobby. For this reason, they have emerged as hugely appealing all-purpose investments.


"The beauty of 360 swivel is that it often takes the form of a concealed swivel plate that is situated between the top of the frame and the seat's underside. This placing enables the seat to rotate without drawing attention away from the chair's other aesthetic features."

With our adjustable dining chairs, it's possible to make a big difference to the way you dine - and more. Try them for yourself and you'll quickly find yourself marvelling at their versatility. Take a look at our complete range of dining chairs below.


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