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Funky Chairs With or Without Legs

By Adrian Higgins, 6th April, 2013

Over the years, designers have created a myriad of influential chair designs that have permeated the furniture world right up to present day. Consequently we have a spectrum of different styles for you to choose from, from classic four-legged frames to sleek round bases, marrying iconic retro influences with cutting-edge contemporary functionality. It may be you’re aesthetically minded and are after a striking statement chair to turn heads and revitalise your interior. Or it could be practicality is a high priority and you’re prone to favour designs with a stable base and ergonomic features. Available with and without legs, each style has its benefits which we will unpack further in this article.

Clementine Chair Black In Modern Kitchen

Clementine Chair Black

With Four Legs

Delivering superb stability, funky chairs with four legs spread their weight evenly between each limb. This sturdy design means they are unlikely to tip over, ensuring they can be used on a wide range of surfaces including soft flooring like carpet. However, it’s worth noting that this same distribution of weight means they may be more likely to dent soft wooden floors, such as bamboo. Nevertheless they’re easy to move about and are ideal for any environment, sure to compliment the home as well as a wealth of commercial settings from restaurants to reception areas.


White Funky Chairs with Four Legs


A classic example is our immensely popular Tate, a trendy styled chair set on a solid wooden frame, with satin black bracing bars that provide a strong base for this comfortable yet funky design.

Whilst some may think a slight drawback to four-legged chairs is their more traditional appearance when compared with contemporary cylindrical frames, others would undoubtedly argue this is all part of their nostalgic charm.

With Round or Criss-Cross Bases

Central cylindrical columns with round bases, whether domed or flat, exude an undeniably modern vibe. Finished in chic brushed or polished metalwork, their slender stems give them a cleaner, sleeker look that is very in fashion. Though similar in appearance to bar stools, they’re often more generous is size to provide greater comfort when sitting for longer periods of time.


Funky Chair with Criss Cross Base


Another advantage to funky chairs without legs is their enhanced functionality. All of our central column models boast 360 swivel, enabling full rotation for ease of use, as seen in our much sought after Clementine. Additionally, some designs like the Macy include a gas lift mechanism for variable height, allowing you to adjust the chair to your individual requirements.

Whilst ideal for pairing with tables with matching singe stem frames for a uniform aesthetic, there is a slight downside to this. As both have round bases, the chairs may be slightly harder to tuck beneath when not in use, as the base of the table gets in the way.

However a similar single stem chair with crisscross feet is an ideal solution. When the four feet are positioned correctly it can be tucked easily under the table, and it allows you to stand up without standing on the feet. Plus you don’t lose out on aesthetics. Full of character, trendy crisscross designs like the Swan are still undoubtedly more modern looking than their four-legged counterparts.

Yet it’s worth bearing in mind that both round and crisscross frames can sometimes prove problematic when placed on soft carpeting. Whilst they’re perfectly stable on standard hard flooring, round bases can tilt slightly when used on cushioned carpets and rugs as their weighting is focused on one concentrated area.

To find out how fun, funky and functional these models really are, take a look at our bestsellers below:

Whether you’d prefer a chair with legs or are after a slightly funkier style of frame, our Retro Funky Chairs provide the perfect accompaniment to a whole host of interior settings. Whatever style you choose, they all come with a protective underside – be it plugs, pads or a rubber ring - concealed beneath the base to help to minimise any potential damage to floor surfaces.


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