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Different Locations to Use Funky Chairs

By Philippa Baker, 24th March, 2015

Designed to make a statement, funky chairs are sure to be the focal point of any room. For this reason you may be mistaken in thinking that they’re somewhat limited in where they can be used, restricted to particularly daring or retro themed interiors. This, however, is not the case. Versatile by nature, our funky chairs are made to enhance a wide range of interior settings. Available in a spectrum of striking styles, shapes and sizes, as well as colours and materials, they’re marvellous multi-purpose pieces than can be found in more places than you might think.

In the Home

Not to be ignored, our funky chairs are sure to help you wave goodbye to boring home décor. Ideal for livening up plain or neutral kitchen spaces, they’re also great if you want to add a unique touch to your dining table. Ideally suited to complete a retro themed bedroom, they’ll work just as easily clustered round a coffee table or home cinema in the lounge.

Making fabulous feature pieces in whichever room you choose to use them, stylish comfy chair designs are perfect for filling a corner or alcove space in the living room. With its encompassing shape and ample cushioning, it makes for a cosy reading nook or chair to relax in whilst watching TV.


Funky Chair in Living Room

Lobby & Reception Areas

The importance of a good first impression cannot be valued highly enough. The term “dress to impress” can apply as much to interior design as it can to fashion, with commercial establishments wanting to impress customers/clients in order to generate more business. The first room a customer sees when they walk into the building might seem insignificant, but it can tell a lot about a company and their attention to detail. Especially important are waiting areas, where clients have time to absorb their surrounding environment.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that funky chairs are the ideal addition. For example in hotel foyers and atriums, it's key to create a comfortable and relaxing area for guests to wait in. Whether waiting for the rest of their party to arrive or their room to be prepared, a sumptuous seat is key to ensuring a happy customer who’s likely to return.

Other commercial venues such as concert halls and art centres also make use of striking seating in lobby areas to enhance the experience they give their visitors. Designing imaginative, creative spaces, these often seek to inspire and engage people before they enter the main show or exhibition. Upmarket theatres and opera halls will typically go for plush designs with an emphasis on luxury and elegance. Conversely, family friendly art galleries may prefer artistic yet practical models like the Cassis, which has a comfortable modern feel.


Swan Chairs in Reception Area

Coffee Shops & Bars

From busy internet cafes to trendy espresso bars, each establishment will have its own style and audience. Great for adding a touch of character, our collection of funky chairs include designs to compliment a wide range of venues. Cosy cafes often prefer comfortable armchair-style seats like the Tub, ensuring their customers can sit back and relax as they spend long afternoons catching up over coffee. Meanwhile, chic retro bars may favour the nostalgic look, seeking out iconic models like the Swan (pictured above) to enhance their trendy designer aesthetic.


Clementine Chair in a Cafe

Clementine Chair White


After hours of traipsing round the shops in search of the perfect purchase, stores are fast catching on to the fact that sometimes customers just need a sit down. Often found outside of the fitting rooms, funky chairs make the ideal waiting spot for friends and family whilst others try on clothes. Not only does the addition of seating show a company cares about the comfort of their customers, but they also entice them to spend a few extra minutes inside their store before moving on somewhere else. A prime example is the Fleur, its cushioned seat providing quality comfort.


Funky Chair in a Sales Area

Libraries and Study Spaces

Think libraries are boring, stuffy places full of dusty old books? Think again! Aiming to create safe, welcoming spaces where people can browse at leisure, public libraries now commonly feature an array of comfortable funky chairs that users can curl up in with a good book. Especially popular in the children’s and teen sections, their colourful fabrics and fun shapes create a playful aesthetic to help make reading fun.

A similar tactic is also employed in university study spaces and “learning zones”. Creating a less formal feel than the typical study hall, quirky seating is a clever trick to make working more enjoyable. Thanks to their cool, casual look and spectrum of vibrant colours, our funky products are frequently found to help students relax, resulting in greater productivity and less stress. Pairing fashion with functionality, modern designs like the Clementine are perfect. Not only will its encompassing shape and ample padding keep users supported as they sit, but 360 swivel lets them rotate with ease.

As Seen on TV

With a versatility like no other, it comes as no surprise that many of our popular designs have been featured on TV over the years. Found on a wide variety of television shows – including in studios, sets and on-location shoots - their signature style always sets them apart from the rest. A key example is our well-liked Evelyn Chair Walnut & Cream, sat upon by BBC commentators throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games to enhance the trendy vibe of their trackside studios. (January 2019 - Please note, the Evelyn has now been discontinued, we recommend the Grafton as an alternative bentwood design.)

Popular Funky Chairs

So what are you waiting for? Browse our stunning collection of fabulous funky chairs and begin to explore where you could use them – be it at home, work or elsewhere.


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