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New Colourful Acrylic Bar Stools

By Adrian Higgins, 4th March, 2011

Coming to you direct from Atlantic Shopping this week are several new acrylic bar stools, contemporary designs that will bring a modern touch to any location.

Acrylic Bar Stools

The first for your perusal is the Hilo Bar Stool, a striking combination of style and substance. The ergonomically formed seat has a tall backrest for quality comfort, with fashionable detailing in the form of two rows of cut-out circles. As with many of our stools, the Hilo rotates 360 degrees and has adjustable height, but it also has one further trick up its sleeve: a roller base with nylon casters much like an office chair. This adds to the dynamics of the Hilo, increasing the possible locations and situations you can use it in. (May 2014 - Please note, the Hilo is no longer available and has been replaced by the Odyssey Acrylic Stool, which is pictured below.)

The second of our acrylic designs is the Carnaby Bar Stool, which has a curved, undulating seat with an oval opening in the high backrest. Not only does this add a touch of visual detail, but it also makes it all easier to rotate the seat for ergonomic access. Both the Hilo and Carnaby are available in a range of bright and beautiful colours, from blue to pink, enable you to mix and match for a funky look that will bring a vibrant energy to any room.

The third of our new acrylic stools is the Zig Zag. Its stylish smoked finish works well with the chrome-plated frame beneath, where the central column rises through the seat making this an undeniably eye-catching design.

  • Hilo Bar StoolHilo
  • Carnaby Bar StoolCarnaby
  • Zig Zag Acrylic StoolZig Zag

As well as the arrival of the acrylic stools, we also have the fabulous Vendome Mayfair Bar Stool. This is a timeless Thonet style design, a take on the classic A18 bentwood dining chair, but at elevated height. The Vendome is crafted from wood using methods and equipment that have been unchanged since 1875, giving it a real historic feel.

A beautifully constructed item of furniture, the skills of the craftsmen are evident and you can see the familial resemblance to some of our other stools such as the St Louis, Moatparausse and Rivoli. Available in cream, grey, red, purple or lime green, the Vendome has ample character for anything from the traditional, rustic kitchen to a retro inspired breakfast bar decorated with Pop art. (March 2015 - Please note, the Vendome Mayfair, St Louis, Moatparausse and Rivoli have now been discontinued.)

  • Vendome Mayfair Bar StoolVendome Mayfair
  • Vendome Mayfair Bar StoolVendome Mayfair
  • Vendome Mayfair Bar StoolVendome Mayfair


But our week has not only seen the arrival of bar stools. We're excited to announce that we've doubled our range of dining chairs and tables with a multitude of stylish items, giving you all the more choice as your furnish your home.


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