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Matching Bar Stool & Chair Designs

By Sophie Hardy, 22nd February, 2016

Matching Chairs And Bar Stools

Barrington Oak Stool & Barrington Oak Dining Chair

Classic Designs For Traditional Interiors

Our classic designs feature four solid wooden legs, with a natural oak or rich walnut finish, or for a more contemporary feel some of our upmarket pieces have a sleek black satin finish. Many of our traditional models are also upholstered in trendy fabric or lavish velvet, for a real timeless charm.

Ascot Fabric Dining Chair & Bar Stool

One of our most beloved designs is the Ascot, displaying a luxurious fabric seat edged with chic chrome studs and a chrome ring on the rear. With a sprung and belted seat pad and a tall, supportive backrest, this is the ideal choice for both comfort and style. While boasting a choice of oak or dark wenge frames, the Ascot Dining Chair and Ascot Bar Stool are also available in a variety of striking seat colours.

Verdi Chair & Bar Stool

Beautifully formed, the Verdi features classic quilted button detailing and a supportive backrest that gently curves around the body for your comfort. If you are looking for matching colours, the Verdi Chair and Verdi Bar Stool are both available in beige and charcoal fabric.

Barrington Oak Dining Chair & Oak Stool

Similar to the Ascot, the Barrington is a simple alternative. Upholstered in plush fabric for an undeniably comfortable feel, it is complete with a chrome rectangular handle on the rear and decorative chrome studs edge the seat. With charming oak finished legs, this delightful duo is sure to suit a variety of spaces.

Etienne Dining Chair & Stool

The Etienne is a sumptuous model with classic allure. Featuring stud edging and button detail, the seat is also sprung and belted for incredible comfort. Both the stool and the chair are set on a solid wooden frame with a modern grey finish. In a choice of fabric or velvet upholstery, luxury is guaranteed with this design.

Knightsbridge Oak Chair & Stool

A majestic model with excellent comfort, the Knightsbridge is a grand design. The belted seat, covered in fabric upholstery, features deep button detailing and is edged with chrome studs. Set on a solid wooden frame, the Knightsbridge is offered in grey, charcoal, and tweed.

Ascot Dining Chair Leather & Ascot Bar Stool Leather

An exquisite take on a much-loved design, the Ascot Bar Stool Leather and Ascot Dining Chair Leather exude class. Complete with chrome stud edging, a chrome ring and button detail, these designs are the height of sophistication. The chair and stool can be matched in black or cream bonded real leather, with a choice of black satin or oak-finished legs, or an antiqued brown faux leather seat with a dark wenge leg finish.

Kensington Dining Chair & Wooden Stool

The Kensington exudes royal affluence. A shapely backrest is supportive and stylish with button detail and chrome studs that also edge the seat. The dark finished wooden framework completes the design, and a rear chrome ring on the stool adds to the stately look. Available as a pair in grey velvet.

Roma Dining Chair & Carter Bar Stool

Keeping fabrics and colours consistent throughout your furniture creates a harmonised space; our Roma Dining Chair and Carter Bar Stool are a great duo that share the same striped fabric upholstery.

Moreton Dining Chair & Dove Bar Stool

The Dove Bar Stool and Moreton Dining Chair are classic designs with modern style. Whilst the Moreton features a scroll top backrest, the Dove is a backless accompaniment. Both designs have button detailing, metallic studs, and a grey wood frame, and they are available to match in grey velvet or charcoal fabric.

Richmond Dining Chair & Bar Stool

Comfort and class combine in the Richmond Bar Stool and Dining Chair. A belted seat and tall backrest provide a sumptuous seating experience, whilst solid wooden legs add style and stability. In soft fabric upholstery these are a plush pair for the home.

Chiltern Dining Chair & Bar Stool

With their handsome combination of textures and a sumptuous level of padding, the Chiltern Dining Chair and Bar Stool are perfect for making your home a welcoming one. In addition to their matching grey faux leather seats and warmly shaded grey legs, these fantastic items are paired with chrome studding and bold vertical stitching.

Modern Designs For Contemporary Interiors

Our contemporary designs are crafted from a variety of modern materials, fusing the likes of polished chrome with stylishly sculpted resin seats and brushed steel framework with chic faux leather. Several of our modern bar stools feature gas lift mechanisms for adjustable height and 360-degree swivel action, whilst the corresponding chair offers the same style at fixed dining height.

Fontaine Chair & Blush Bar Stool

The Blush Bar Stool and Fontaine Chair are grand and glamourous designs. Modern chrome framework supports a sprung and belted seat, which has quilted detail and chrome stud edging on the rear. The Blush has a chrome ring on its back whilst the Fontaine features a chrome lion ring, both are available to match in plush fabric upholstery.

Provence Dining Chair & Bar Stool

With the Provence Dining Chair and Provence Bar Stool, you’ll be able to transform your interior into a stylish and modern-feeling space. The distinguished wing-back seat and diamond-stitch quilting of the Provence are complemented by a grey powder-coated frame, for a heightened contemporary appeal. Both the chair and stool are available to match in an attractive grey faux leather finish.

Clementine Chair & Padded Crescent Bar Stool

Available in an array of funky colours, the Padded Crescent Bar Stool and Clementine Chair are a fashionable choice. Exhibiting a copiously padded, crescent shaped backrest, the modern look is complete with either a brushed steel or mirrored chrome base.

Glam Dining Chair & Bar Stool

As magnificent as the names suggest, the Glam Dining Chair and Glam Bar Stool deliver a signature mix of equally classy materials. While both include fashionable chrome tips to their black satin legs, the bar stool adds a squared chrome footrest for additional support and contemporary appeal. The Glam is available in velvet, with a selection of matching colour options.

Vesta Dining Chair & Hiline Bar Stool

Outlined in glossy chrome edging, the Hiline Bar Stool and Vesta Dining Chair make a stylish pair. Linear stitch detail creates a fashionable focal point in the faux leather, whilst chrome framework lends a truly contemporary look to both designs. These are available to match in black and white.

Aero Dining Chair & Bar Stool

Go for a chic Scandi look with the Aero Bar Stool and Aero Dining Chair. Both display an eye-catching design with a stylish fabric seat and slender wooden legs with unique framework. Suited to retro and modern interiors alike, you can choose from grey or beige fabric.

Tucker Chair & Bar Stool

Character springs effortlessly from the antiqued faux leather and black satin frame of these wonderfully retro matching stools and chairs. Sit back in comfort whilst adding a modern touch of vintage style with seats in shades of slate or green.

Bucket Chair & Stool

Exemplifying a modern industrial look, the Bucket Stool and Bucket Chair are a cool duo. With comfortable faux leather seats, both are set on a black satin painted frame, complete with bracing bars. In antique brown or charcoal, the Bucket will be an original addition to your interior.

Dakota Dining Chair & Bar Stool

Fashionably designed for day-to-day living, the matching Dakota Dining Chair and Bar Stool carry themselves with style. Choose from either a subtle grey or a bright mustard velvet, with distinct but complementary dark bentwood seat frames as well as polished chrome-finish metalworks.

Fairfield Dining Chair & Bar Stool

The uniquely brilliant Fairfield range incorporates graceful ribbon-style arms and diamond-patterned backrests, both chair and stool brimming with character as a result. Complete a kitchen, dining or living space with matching chrome frames, as well as your choice of plush blue, pink or grey velvet.

Indi Dining Chair & Bar Stool

Lavishly designed and indulgently comfortable, the Indi Dining Chair and Bar Stool feature stitch quilting that bestows an air of luxury. These products are available in a matching shade of grey velvet, with the interconnecting webbed design of the chair frame as a trendy contrast to the more minimalist design of the stool legs.

Lopez Dining Chair & Bar Stool

The Lopez Dining Chair and Bar Stool are inviting with their roomy seat pads, these enclosed by padded arms and supportive high backrests. Whether you’re interested in the blue or charcoal fabric variant, these items all come complete with a sturdy and lovingly finished black satin frame.

Trent Dining Chair & Bar Stool

A distinctive winged back is connected to a smoothly formed and densely cushioned seat pad, resulting in the decidedly vintage Trent Dining Chair & Bar Stool. The Trent range is known for its sleek yet remarkably stable black powder coated legs, the chair and stool upholstery then provided to match in a versatile shade of charcoal fabric.

Office Chairs To Match Your Bar Stools

Perhaps you have a home work station in your kitchen and want to ensure coordination throughout the space. You may not have considered this as an option, but we have a selection of bar stools with counterpart office chairs to cater for this setup.

Skyline Office Chair & Bar Chair

If retro is the look you want then the Skyline Bar Chair and Skyline Office Chair are the ideal pair for your home. The encompassing backrest and padded seat are upholstered in faux leather inlaid with vertical stitching, lending a true sense of nostalgia.

Rochelle Office Chair & Bar Stool

Gorgeous grid stitch detailing gives the Rochelle its distinct look, highlighting the curves of its sumptuously padded seat. The Rochelle Brushed Steel Stool has a brushed steel plated base whilst the Rochelle Office Chair exhibits a modern chrome finish. These are available to match in black, grey, and white.

Whether you already have some of our dining chairs and want the stools to match, or if you want a completely new look, our range has something for everyone. From the classic to the contemporary, browse our site and find the perfect style for you.

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