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Introducing Our Low Stools

By Danielle Somerfield, 13th March, 2013

This month we're encouraging you to embrace the power of the petite with our selection of low stools. We've created a new section on our website in order to highlight this growing range of models. These compact products have experienced a steady surge in popularity over recent years, thanks to the way they allow you to enjoy all the perks of our best-selling bar furniture at a lower height.

Low Stools in Lobby Area


One of our most common bar stool FAQs regards the issue of size. The good news is that with many of our low stools, they can be raised surprisingly high. Items like the Deluxe Brushed High Back Stool are able to ascend from dining height to domestic bar height. Combined with their great looks and variable features, such a distinction enables this design to quite literally rise to the occasion in settings like salons.

Contemporary low stools can be used as a smart alternative to traditional dining chairs. Many boast a seat height in the region of 45cm, matching that of most of our kitchen chairs. Our comprehensive bar stool buying guide explains the issue in greater detail. Better still, backless stools can simply be slid under the dining table when they're not being used, resulting in a neater and less cluttered look for your dining area.


Low Stools in Restaurant Bar


Of course, if you're not looking to use a low stool as an accompaniment to your dining table, there are plenty of other ways in which these products can be utilised. Indeed, these items are similarly suited to the likes of dressing tables, allowing them to bring a practical touch to the bedroom and beyond.

Our selection of Ottomans and storage stools are immensely convenient. Doing exactly as their names suggest, including some modern designs such as the Cocoon Storage Stool to keep your valuables safe while simultaneously offering a solid perch for your body.

Take a look at our stylish collection of low stools below:

Footstools similarly add character to a location and are suited to those with a habit of attracting unexpected guests. Whether used as a perch for the entire body or simply for the feet, they're highly effective in fulfilling their purpose.

Low stools that are suitable for commercial use can be used in the likes of nightclubs, where they enhance the ambience of chill-out areas and suchlike. Their petite size allows them to emerge as the ideal accent to any setting, as they unite comfort with a strong look – and all without overpowering their surroundings. Similarly, our commercial clients may wish to use these stools in a coffee shop or cafe. Dotted around one of our modern coffee tables, these items create a sense of the cosmopolitan, bringing your patrons together.


Low Stools in Nightclubs


Whatever you're thinking of using yours for, you're certain to find a great use for low stools. Why not use the button below to shop the collection today.


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