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How To Create A Glamorous Kitchen

By Sophie Hardy, 27th April, 2016

Gone are the days when the kitchen was a practical room with the sole purpose of preparing meals. Many of us now use it as a social space and a replacement for the dining room, and because of this, the desire to create a kitchen with lavish style and comfort has increased significantly. Adding a sense of glamour and luxury will give an expensive look that is sure to impress guests, read on to find out how with our top tips.

Glamorous Kitchen With Dining Table

Deluxe Design

The key to adding glamour to your home is to use luxurious materials. Soft fabrics, like velvet and silk, deliver sumptuous style when used in rugs, curtains, cushions, and table clothes, creating an indulgent and alluring setting. Choose furniture with plush fabric upholstery, like our Brunswick Stool Grey Velvet, for that comfortable and cosy appearance. This style is all about the detail, so if velvet isn’t for you, opt for fabric pieces with quilted patterns, stitch detailing, buttons, and decorative studs.

Take a look at some of our popular velvet bar stools:


Swap the classic chrome and brushed steel for silver, brass, and gold finishes, or mix and match to create a striking contrast. Warmer metals deliver a traditional sense of class, so why not try out some brass light fixtures or copper pots and pans, even gilt edging on cupboards or picture frames will introduce a regal feel.

A truly deluxe choice is marble or granite, adding subtle pattern to the room whilst becoming a luxurious focal point. You could go for sleek marble worktops or have an entire island crafted to fit your space, or be ambitious and invest in an impressive marble floor. For an affordable alternative, use it in smaller features such as lamps and ornamental pieces.

Keep in mind that certain materials may be more suited to a mature family, with the likes of marble and velvet being slightly more susceptible to stains, and difficult to clean.

Presence Over Practicality

Decorate the space in the same way you would the living room, include artwork, sculptures, photographs, and ornate vases for a charming and personal atmosphere that the kitchen often lacks. When designing a luxe interior, choose items and materials that favour decoration over functionality. For example, hanging a chandelier will deliver a sense of magnificence that spotlights simply cannot provide. Soft lighting is key for this style, offering the relaxed feel you find in the lounge, so if you are set on including task lighting, why not try pendant lamps.

For a true sense of grandeur, add a sophisticated dining table to your kitchen, with plush dining chairs like the Verdi or the Arlington, or for smaller spaces try a breakfast nook with fewer chairs for a similar effect. This creates a formal yet inviting environment that encourages guests to sit and socialise.


Accessories For Glamorous Kitchen

Sophisticated Colour Scheme

Deep and rich colour schemes work well to lend an intimate feel, an essential quality for a glamorous space. A monochrome palette with metallic shades of grey will complement any silver or chrome accents in the room, or you may find that deep blues, purples, and emerald greens will enhance gold and brass items.

Choose furniture with rich walnut or black satin finished legs to create a cohesive appearance in a darker room, or a tasteful contrast against lighter neutral tones. Take care not to overdo the deep hues as this can make the room look smaller, but the use of reflective surfaces and mirrors can increase the visual space.

Embrace Embellishment

Including metallic accents in your kitchen will deliver an affluent and exclusive look. Not just in the appliances but also on cupboard handles, splashbacks, taps, and lighting - you can even include it in your furniture.

We offer a selection of products edged with chrome or satin studs, and some models exhibit a tasteful chrome ring on the rear of the seat, or even a lion ring knocker as seen on the Fontaine. For a real opulent boutique style, our Kensington Dining Chair boasts a double row of decorative studs around its seat. Plus, many of our velvet products are available in silvery grey shades, which adds to the glamorous and upmarket feel that embellishment brings.

Some of our most popular embellished dining chairs are pictured below:


Choose large accessories with high-sheen lacquered finishes like silver vases and oversized candelabra, or if you feel this may be overpowering in your home, try subtle touches like gold plated or crystal cabinet handles. Why not show off your best glassware in display cabinets, this will add extra sparkle by reflecting the light, or hang an extravagant mirror for a real wow-factor.

Will you fully embrace this style or keep it subtle with a few luxurious touches? For more inspiration and ideas you can check out our Luxe Living Pinterest board.


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