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How to Bring the Beach to Your Home

By Philippa Baker, 24th April, 2015

The sun is out and summer is calling… but until it’s time to head to the seaside, why not bring beach house style indoors! Whilst nautical décor is all the rage, it’s a common misconception that you have to live by the coast to incorporate this on-trend look in your home. Wonderfully versatile, it can be embraced in any interior, whether you live in an inner city flat or rustic seaside shack. In this blog post we’ll answer some frequently asked questions to help get you on your way…

Beach Huts


Q1 – I live in a city apartment. How do I recreate the beach house look?

Never underestimate the power of décor. The nautical theme can be created in any room through a classic coastal colour palette, well-chosen furniture, and a host of charming accessorises and quirky seaside "finds" scattered about.

Q2 – What colours can I use other than blue?

Whilst the blue and white pairing delivers the classic nautical look that is instantly recognisable, there are other options available if you decide you want something a little different. Why not try creating a base palette of light grey, pale sand or turquoise, and then add pops of coral, sea green, lighthouse red or sunshine yellow to liven up the look.

If you do decide to use blue try layering different shades – from soft aquamarine to dark navy – for an oceanic beauty with a deeply relaxing vibe. Or, for a cool contrast try introducing a few blue accent pieces to your interior, for example, you could use blue bar stools in a white kitchen to make a striking statement.

Monochrome Kitchen With Black Bar Stools

Q3 – I don’t want my house to look too cold. How can I avoid this?

Minimise the cool shades used and don’t overdo the blues, greys, whites and metalwork, especially on large areas like walls and flooring. Rely on the organic nature of wooden furniture to warm things up, such as wooden dining chairs and tables in the kitchen and dining room. Our Roma Oak Dining Chair Cambridge Stripe is ideal, the oak finished legs warming up the ocean blue tones in the fabric.

Mix fabrics and textures for added warmth, drawing on the brighter accent colours mentioned above.

Q4 – Should I only use light wood in my nautical themed home?

Dark or light, all kinds of wood can be incorporated into this versatile style. White satin painted wood or light oak will create the classic breezy beach house look reminiscent of the seaside, as seen in the Wave. Conversely, darker, richer shades of walnut are great for an authentic ship’s cabin or traditional maritime theme, as modelled by the Ikon.

What’s more, repurposed driftwood accessories are ideal for lending texture, character and that unmistakable seaside charm.

Q5 – What colour should I paint my walls?

Once again, there is no set rule. There are a myriad of options on offer, ensuring you can find a colour palette best suited to your home.

White walls will create a breezy coastal vibe and are ideal for creating a light, airy and spacious aesthetic. Kept plain, they’re perfect for reflecting sunlight around the room; or alternatively they can be decorated with nautical prints or beach finds to add a little interest and enhance the overall theme.

Marine blue and deep sea green walls bring an added intensity, and are ideal for creating a divine oceanic feel with an air of mystery. You should bear in mind however that darker walls work best in larger spaces, as they can make more compact rooms appear smaller than they actually are. If you’re contending with space we’d recommend you opt for lighter walls, with one or two darker feature walls for contrast.

Q6 - What kinds of patterns should I be looking for?

Again, there are various avenues you can go down depending on the type of look you’re after. For a classic beach hut themed lounge area, think throw cushions and soft furnishings incorporating buckets, spades, shells and other seaside memorabilia.

If you’re after an “under the sea” theme in a child’s bedroom, look for patterned bedspreads and wallpaper incorporating marine life ranging from whales, dolphins and octopuses to smaller creatures like crabs and starfish.

For a nautical styled interior, look for patterns displaying traditional naval equipment. In the kitchen or dining room, think curtains, tablecloths and wall prints decorated with boats, buoys, anchors and ship’s wheels. A vintage globe tucked in the corner or large-scale world map on the wall will make striking feature pieces.

Beach House Style

Q7 - I live in a small house with limited space. How can I recreate the beach house trend without over-cluttering everything with products and busy prints?

Accessories can make or break a room, so use them wisely. It’s a home, not a museum, so don’t go overboard and think you have to display every single shell or shiny pebble you’re ever found on the beach. You can still incorporate the theme without going overboard.

Less is more – focus on a few well-chosen statement pieces such as some sea-worn beach signage in the kitchen, a rustic driftwood framed mirror above the mantlepiece, or rope pendant lighting over the breakfast bar. Choose plain fabrics in block colours to avoid the over-busy look.

Beach House Decor

Q8 – I prefer a more modern look. Can I still incorporate a nautical theme into my home design?

Yes, the versatility of this trend means it can be adapted to suit your interior tastes. If you prefer a contemporary look, then choose modern styled kitchen stools and chairs in bold nautical colours.

The Padded Crescent Bar Stool Blue would work brilliantly along a modern breakfast bar, the polished sheen of the chrome frame reflecting the deep ocean blue of the faux leather seat. Brushed steel is another great state-of-the-art choice, its sleek muted elegance enhancing the maritime aesthetic of the seat on the Lush Brushed Steel Bar Stool Blue.

Need some help getting your home ship shape? Our Nicely Nautical pinterest board is full of beach house décor ideas that are sure to inspire...

Nicely Nautical Pinterest Board


Or if you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to see how you’re using our furniture to embrace beach house chic in your home.


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